10 Tips to Framework on Fashion Style

There is definitely not a single person who doesn’t want to look smart and follow fashion but at the same time all of these people understand that staying trendy with fashion can be extremely difficult.  This difficulty comes with the constant change of style, color, material and pattern. Therefore, “If you’re trying to be a diva of total fashion you have to make sure that you never skip a beat of fashion trends and do your homework well- Make a Framework of Your Fashion Style.”

Your choice of color may vary every time you go out shopping, or whatever be the occasion you always try to put on something new, unique, special and appealing to the eyes. You definitely will have no intentions to smother the beautiful looks that you have with a disastrous dress or look that you put on for the day/night.

All you ladies are special to someone, but most of all you are special to yourself. You have the charm in you to be the woman people want to look at. Here’s something special for you!!!

fashion framework jewelry

 Present the top 10 Tips to Framework your Fashion jewelry Style:

  1. Know the ABC of your Strengths: A- Accentuate, B- Balance and C- Camouflage. If you’re trying to framework on a fashion style make sure you choose dresses that outshine your body and downplay its weakness. If you think you’re too skinny choose something that’s not really skinny, rather go for a low neck loose dress. If you’re a curvy girl, flaunt your curves with the best dress!
  2. Do Justification between Quality and Quantity: Never choose quantity over quality; and whenever you have to choose the opposite make sure you create a balance between the two. For an Indian attire- saree, try to accessorize only one body part with the heaviest fashion jewelry- bangles, earrings or necklace, as per the demand of the saree.
  3. Try to Create a Personal Look for You: Create a personal look for you, do not steal looks from magazines all the time. Remember you look your best when you be the real you!
  4. Accept New Things; and try Them: Remember no fashion style is permanent; there may be something that doesn’t appeal you or your skin tone; accept what the fashion in date is and try new with that. You might get something fantabulous.
  5. Stay Simple, Yet Fabulous: Stay simple. Stay Elegant. Never be too flamboyant or bold! You’re a really beautiful woman and a fashion framework isn’t good enough to hold you back.
  6. Break the Rules: Break the rules of fashion. There’s a lot out there; a lot to discover and a lot to try. Break the taboos of clothing. There might be days that call for you to hold a sexy look, sometimes you just need to carry a corporate look, or just a causal spilled hair look. There will be a wedding day where all eyes will be glued to you; you just have to break all rules, shut down the taboos and carry your style with dignity.
  7. Accessorize your Outfit: Accessorize your outfit with the sexiest footwear. Remember heels for girls befit all occasions. As far as fashion accessories are concerned, choose sterling silver earrings from an online store because this is where you can get the highest possible collection. Highlight the beauty of your features with gorgeous Indian fashion jewelry.
  8. Dress for the Occasion and not the People: Dress for the occasion! Remember, haters will always hate you- no matter how well or bad you look. Make sure you pick the prettiest of all dresses for you for the day and forget what people will think of you. If you wish to hide your body- hide it; if you feel like coming up with a dress that displays your curves- choose one. Forget the people, choose the occasion.
  9. Choose the Right Colors: Yes, You heard that right! Choose the right colors; because they can either make you look amazing or a total disaster and you definitely want to be at your best in almost any attire. Therefore, choose the best shades for you and dress the way that’s most appropriate for you.
  10. Implement the Basics: Remember the basics of fashion and implement them. The basic is to Smile and Smile A Lot!!!

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