3 Things You Need To Give Up To Lose Weight For Good

90% of women trying to lose weight have gone through a so-called come and go stage in losing and gaining weight. According to the last scientific research you have to stick to your diet at least for a year, so your body can adjust to the changes. In this article we will go through 3 things you need to give up to lose weight for good.

  • Cheating day. If you want to be in shape you will have to understand that there are no cheating days. If you want to treat yourself you can surely eat ice-cream or a large hamburger, but you will have to work out later. Some women practice “cleaning day”, the day when you pick vegetable or fruits to eat all day in order to clean your body. Some women manage to go further and drink water only, which is a rather difficult thing to do but quite a rewarding one. As you are to clean your body completely. If you cannot imagine your life without sweets or French fries, create a technique that will make up for it.
  • A Week Fix. There is no doubt that all or maybe 99% of girls who tried to lose weight tried a week diet. The truth is that it does work, but as soon as you start eating normally again, you will gain all of the weight back and sometimes even more. The key to staying fit is a proper healthy eating every day, not a quick 7 days fix. During this time you stress your body so much, that when the next time you eat normally, your body will save it in case you will want to starve it again. In case you need to lose weight in a short period of time, you can follow the all-known rule, eating more vegetables and fruits, drink a lot of water, no dinner and of course – hit the gym.


  • Blame Game. If you are serious about losing weight, there is no “it’s not my fault, it’s pizza fault”. No one forces you to eat more than you should and even if you were overweight as a kid, you are a grownup now, who is responsible for all decisions, counting your food preferences. Think of it as a part of self-struggle, do not blame your parents, work or political situation, there is always a healthy choice to every meal. You should accept the fact that it is only you who is responsible for your health and your look.

Remember that there are a lot of beautiful and thin women and they work hard to look this way. A little effort in changing your food habits and gym will not only help you lose weight, but improve your health and you overall well-being. It is worth trying.

Paula G. is an author of “3 things you need to give up to lose weight for good”. Right now she works as a contributor to college writing service at college-writers.com


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