5 Rules for Basic, Natural-Looking Contouring

The truth is, everybody would love to have the perfect contours on their face and nobody wants to deal with boring and overly elaborate tutorials about how to make the perfect contours on their face. It all comes with practice since every face is different and there are only the guidelines that you need to follow and practice it until you figure out what works best for you. Here are the top 5 tricks which are actually all you need to know.

Foundation Shades

First of all, in order to do the good work, you need to have all the right equipment. This means that you need to have all the brushes, especially the one that will blend it all together and the two shades of foundation. One of it needs to be a shade lighter than your natural complexion and the other one a shade deeper. In that way, you will be able to do the whole contouring properly and with some effect.

The Basic “3”

The first and the quickest way to have your face naturally looking and still contoured is to do the basic “3” trick. This involves using darker hue than the one of your natural skin color and make the two strokes of it on the sides of your face. The first should be a curvy “C” shaped stroke that goes a bit above your temples and ends up across the middle of your cheek and the other one should start where the upper one ends, ending along your jawline. This will contour your face perfectly and quickly.


Lighter and Darker Areas

The darker areas will make the effect of shades that don’t normally exist on your face or they do but you want to emphasize them. On the other hand, the lighter shade will make parts of your face more prominent. The basic rule of thumb is to keep the darker areas on the sides and the lighter shades toward the center of the face.

Brighten Up the Eyes

Just like with everything else, if you want to brighten up the eyes, you need to make the contours such that they really stand out. The best way to do this is to make two C shaped strokes using the lighter shade of your foundation. The top of the C should be right above your brow, all the way to the imaginary line that goes through your iris while the lower tip of the C should end at the same line but below your eye. Making the eyes stand out is definitely one of the things you should work on if you are having some work done on your face. Especially, during the period right after the nose job, you want to draw attention away from the nose and direct it to your eyes before the effects settle down. That is the most secure recipe for all the nose job before and after photos that are hard to avoid.

Work the Cheekbones

Just like the eyes, the cheekbones are especially important when contouring your face. They need to be prominent and that is done by tapping some light and shimmering foundation or moisturizer on them. Make a horizontal line made of dots that you tap with your finger across the cheekbones and make those blend with the foundation as well as you can. That will make them stand out and it is just what you need for a perfect look.

All of these tips are golden and all you need is a little time to figure out what is the best way to work them on your face and what are the best brushes and the best cosmetic products to do them with. However, they are easy and they are effective and they are all that you have to learn about the natural looking contouring of your face in the future.


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