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The posts in this blog are guest posts from many passionate blogger that love to write articles about health fashion beauty. Here you will find many articles written by many popular authors,nutritionists,journalists,doctors and scientist.The posts are published together with author bio or have a link to the website of the author.


  1. Dear Admin,

    Are you currently accepting guest posts? If so, I would be happy to write one for you want – The choice is yours!
    (The only thing I ask for in return is just one or two do-follow links back to my website).
    I am a professional writer with a lot of blogging experience, so you can count on me to produce quality content.

    looking forward to hearing from you

    Have a Good Time


  2. Hello,

    My name is Eric and I work for iMonty.com. We represent a number of websites within the field of Health, Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle (with great content, like yours) namely AuthorityHealth.com, MommyAuthority.com, JointsCenter.org, AuthorityReports.com, AnxietyReport.org and many more.

    We are a big fan of fashionhealthbeauty.com and we would love the opportunity to contribute a high quality, super-fantastic article to your already amazing website. You can see the quality of our articles on the websites we represent. We would be excited at the opportunity to make suggestions and actually contribute some high quality, original articles that are sure to appeal to your readers.

    Please let me know if you’re open to receiving (from us) some appealing content that you can use on your site and I’ll organize our team to start creating engaging content for your readers to enjoy. Our writers are in-house and research driven to write high quality articles that rank well.

    To help you decide, we have provided links to two example articles for you to review that will give you an idea of what we are all about and the kind of quality you can expect.



    We look forward to hearing back from you and discussing your charges.

    Excited to hear back from you!
    All the best!
    Eric Roberts

    • we charge 10 dollars per post. and we have two more blogs healthnaturalguide.com naturalwayforhealth.com .you can choose where you want to publish your article. please write to this email healthnaturalguide@gmail.com if you want to publish any articles

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