Accentuate Your Beauty: Dress for Your Body Shape

We are all unique individuals with distinctive combinations of virtues and flaws. In the same way, every woman has a distinct body shape. Generally speaking, there are five types of body shape: pear shaped, rectangle shaped, inverted triangle shaped, apple shaped and hourglass shaped body. Now, we will advise you how to dress depending on your body shape. In that way, you emphasize your good qualities and hide the ones not so good. The sixth category is the choice of clothes depending on the size of your bust since this category is rather individual.

Dress for Your Body Shape

How to dress depending on the size of your bust

Tops with a low V-neckline look sexy and attractive on women with full bust. If you had breast augmentation, it is a natural thing to accentuate your bust. With a sexy V-neckline, you do not look vulgar but attractive and gorgeous. In addition, you can wear A-line skirts in order to balance the fullness in the upper part. High necklines are a good choice for women with small bust. Draw attention to your arms and shoulders by wearing strapless tops. Look sexy and striking in a backless top.

Pear shaped body

A pear shaped body is a body with small bust, narrow shoulders and well defined waist. Choose a wrap dress. When it comes to tops and blouses, the excellent choice are tops and blouses with embellishment on the neckline. Wearing batman and puffed sleeves is another way to accentuate the upper part of the body. If you are in love with skirts, pencil knee length skirts are flattering. When it comes colors, choose dark colors on the lower part of the body and bright colors and patterns for the upper part of the body.

Pear shaped body

Inverted triangle shaped body

An inverted triangle body shape is completely opposite to the previous one with little definition between hips and waist. Choose trousers which can accentuate your legs and hips. You can opt for trousers with big pockets or printed pants. Wide leg pants look flattering on this figure. You can wear any top. However, choose tops in darker color and always wear a belt as much as possible. Any dress or skirt that makes your waist well defined is welcome. When buying a coat or a jacket, pay attention to the collar. You should not accentuate the upper part of the body too much.

Inverted triangle shaped body

Rectangle shaped body

If you wear the same size on both the upper and bottom part of your body, you have a rectangle body shape. An A-line skirt looks great on this type of figure. When it comes to tops, coats and jackets, choose the ones which have a round neckline. In addition, the practical advice is to choose shirts with puffed and rolled sleeves. In order to define your waist as much as possible, you should opt for low-waisted trousers and jeans. Rectangle shaped body women look lovely in colourful playsuits and shift dresses and they can wear any color or print.

Rectangle shaped body

Apple shaped body

Rounded shoulders and fullness in the middle area are the main characteristics of an apple body shape. When it comes to tops, choose wide necklines such as scoop and square necklines. Low V-necklines also look flattering. Flat fronted trousers are an option for an apple shaped body. High waist trousers and jeans and high-waist skirts are clever choice if you want to avoid the fullness of the tummy area. Wear patterns because they can camouflage the middle section of the body better that monochromatic clothes.

Hourglass shaped body

If you have an hourglass body shape, your choice of clothes is very flexible. You can wear anything you like in any color and pattern you find flattering.

As you can see, there is something for each body shape. Embrace who you are and embrace your figure, follow our recommendations, be yourself and you will certainly look and feel wonderful.


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