Are You Going To Be a Successful Teen Model?

Pretty much every person has had a dream at least once about becoming a world famous model and being rich and successful. It is not all about fantasizing, sometimes you feel you have to follow your dreams and do whatever you can to reach your goals. Would you like to be a model? Are you sure that you have what it takes? Sadly, not all those people who are beautiful in person can be successful models, and vice versa: most times you wouldn’t recognize the models from fashion shows and magazines in person. If you are young, slim and pretty it does not mean that you have a career ahead of you. You will need to work hard and prove that you can be a real model first.

Is the way you look the key?

The way you look isn’t everything in the world of fashion, but plays an important role nevertheless. In order to be noticed in the first place, you should be tall and slim, at least taller and slimmer than the average girl. Clothes look better on slimmer figures and slim persons photograph better as well. What else agents look for in a girl? Posture. Posture is the thing which will make you noticed on runways, and having a good and solid walk and posture are essential modeling skills which can be mastered with dedication and hard work. However, you can forget all about your posture, walk and poses in backstage. It’s your personality that counts as well. Be confident and strong, life of a model can be stressful and full of temptations; don’t lose your sense of self.

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Know your poses

Do you know what ‘knowing your angles’ means and why is it important? Good angles are the key for having a good photo taken and it’s best if you know your poses and facial expressions; that way you will work better with a photographer. Practice different poses and facial expression in front of a mirror and ask a friend or a family member to help you. You may feel silly and ashamed in the beginning, but it is natural and you should do it often to get over those feelings. Be professional and learn which positions and expressions suite you, it will make you more confident and cooperative when you start working with a real photographer.

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Take a good care of your body and mind

Staying fit and healthy is a great part of this world, as you have probably already known. Your face and body are your ‘working tools’ and you need to take care of them. Working out and eating healthy foods is one of the most important things you can do and you should never skip trainings or eat a lot of sweets or junk food. Also, having a healthy mind and being relaxed is necessary as well. Whenever there’s time you should spend time with your friends and family and have fun with them. This will give you strength to endure all those long and stressful hours at work.

Initiative is important

Are you interested in career of a model? Why waiting for an agent to ‘discover’ you? You could be waiting for a real long time. Instead, visit modeling agencies in Melbourne and see if they need someone like you. You have to show initiative and be brave in the world of fashion and show business in order to succeed.

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Be careful

Be careful when picking an agency or an agent, there are a lot of frauds out there who are looking to take money from naïve teenagers. If you are under 18, ask your parents for help and have them with you at the interview. They are more likely to ask the right question and see through false promises.

If you have set your mind on this career in particular, you will have to prepare and do some research first. There are a lot of pretty and talented teenagers out there who are hoping to make a career as models, but a very small number of them will end up being new Heidi Klum. Nevertheless, it could be a great experience and a chance to taste the life of celebrities.


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