Awesome Graphic T-Shirt Styles

T-shirts are not just a piece of clothing that your customers will always need but they are also a great opportunity to advertise your company or simply explore your creativity in all kinds of different ways. While there are no real rules as to what you can put on a t-shirt, but there are some concepts that can be a lot more popular than the others and here are some of the most important things that you should know about t-shirt designs.

Geometric Images

Common geometric graphics is a great style that your art department can explore and the best part of it is that it’s really not all that hard to do on automated basis. You can even generate automated algorithms that will allow your graphic programs to generate designs randomly while at the same time creating truly amazing images on your t-shirts. Mixing in geometric styles with interesting fractal art is also a great idea that can often create truly unique looks.

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Psychedelic Images

One of the oldest t-shirt styles that were really popular during the 60s and 70s is still extremely alive today and presents a really simple way to make your t-shirts look really cool and interesting. The complex and random mixture of colors brings something that few other designs have and you can be sure that compared to all other shirts, your designs will definitely look different. The retro effect that they also bring can be a nice addition to the palette of graphical designs that you already have.

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Popular Fiction

Things like movies, shows, musicians and popular culture are an amazing place to look for inspiration for your graphic solution. From popular actors’ quotes to character sayings and well known scenes hard pressed into different color palette, this particular range of ides is a great place to find extremely popular t-shirt designs.

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Fun Quotes

Some of the most popular t-shirts today come with memorable quotes from various movies or TV shows. As funny and well establishes quotes get stuck in the popular culture, they become a great idea for a t-shirt and most people will find it funny or like it for some other reason. If you are out of ideas, but you need something really interesting and simple to make in a short period of time, looking through some of the many quotes that you can find today from popular sources is a great way to get inspired and using them as the main theme on your t-shirts can also look amazing.

imae 6

Cool Images

With the amazing number of high quality images that you can find online and in many other sources as well, the easiest way to create a good t-shirt look is to simply print some of the most popular images. Things like sunsets, popular landmarks and many similar amazing pictures can be used to make fascinating graphic styles for your t-shirts in a quick way. The vast amount of different images that you can find today combined with the range of possibilities that they provide can be a great graphical style for your t-shirts.

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Various retro ides and graphics from the past that were once extremely popular can be used once more as a great way to give some of your graphic designs a bit of a retro feel. Old sayings, quotes, images done in older archaic designs are a great way to really age your t-shirt look and make them attractive and original in way that is both simple and easy to reproduce.

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Unlike most advertisement material, promotional t-shirts are great a thing that most of your potential customers and clients will like. Using ordinary t-shirts you can advertise your products and services in a fast and simple way. The best thing about promotional t-shirts is that it will continue to advertise your products long after you make them. The fact that you already have an established products along with all the graphic solutions based on it, means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time thinking up of new design ideas. Add to all this that graphical styles on promotional shirts are relatively simple and you can see why promotional clothing is so popular today.

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There are plenty of different styles and ides that you can use to create any sort of t-shirt look that you want. One of the most important things to know is that you should always try to create something new and original as your customers will definitely want a shirt that nobody else makes.


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