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The sun is finally out, the weather is warm, with a light breeze that can be felt in the air, meaning that we can finally ditch those big and heavy boots and coats, and slip into something more comfortable. We open up our closets full of last-season clothes, and get an uncontrolled urge to hit the streets. We grab our wallets and shop until we literary drop. Shops are full of latest trends, and still you are not sure what to look for, and how to improve your style this season and look even better than you did the last one. For all of those who wish to attract the right kind of attention , we have a couple of tips on how to look your best.

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  1. Find the Right Shoes

You put the earphones, play the music on  your phone, and just go for a walk on a beautiful day to clear your mind. You walk for quite a while, and even though warm weather suits you, your legs would probably not agree. So this season, when you are out shopping for a new pair of sandals, heels or flats, make sure that they are exactly one size larger than it fits your foot, as it tends to swell. It might seem unusual at first, but after only a couple of minutes of walking, you will be grateful that you did it. So the first rule to looking good on the outside is feeling great on the inside.

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  1. Only Summer Fabrics

If you look at many different fashion magazines, you might find some impossible combinations, and some that do not seem as appropriate for hot summer days. And your instinct would probably be right. But not only should you avoid  those so-called “summer boots” and fancy sweaters on tight shorts, no matter how interesting it might seem at first glance, you also need to check the labels of all the other summer clothes. The worst thing you can do to your skin is to get unbreatheable fabrics, poly-blends, that also produce those ugly pit stains. So stick to natural materials, stick to cotton, linen, as well as silk, that has a light cooling effect on your skin.

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  1. A Light Jacket

However, no matter how hot it is, you never know when the weather can change. Even though it is unbearably hot at one moment, the other you might get caught up in the middle of a heavy rain, that can lower the temperature drastically, even if it rains only for a couple of minutes. That is why you should always carry a light jacket with you, and if it bothers you to carry it around in your hands, you can always put it around your waist, or throw back over your shoulders, and look like one of those fashion blogger divas.

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  1. Let it Flutter

if you have a great figure, the best thing to show it is to get tightly fitted clothes, but during unbearably high temperatures in the summer, it can annoy you to have something stick to your skin all the time. That is why buying light kaftans in different sizes and colors is the first thing you should get when out shopping for summer clothes.  They are most commonly made of light breathable materials, so you can feel the light breeze on your skin.

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  1. Mind Your Bra

When it is winter, and you are covered with layers and layers of clothes, what you wear for your underwear might not be that important, However, once you are left only with a light T-shirt, or a see-through blouse, the shape and the color of your bra is extremely important. Also, avoid following the silly trend of wearing a colorful bra underneath something white, as they cannot go together and you will look tacky. The color should be the same, and try to hide the stripes beneath your clothes, as bra is there to hold the girls together, without being seen.

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If you follow these tips, you are going to perk your already perfect style up a bit. Wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, walk down the street with your head held high, and following our advices, you will make everybody either envy you, or want to be you.


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