Every girl has her trick on how to make her look slimmer and how to look prettier; but you have to be careful as not to use too many chemicals on your face because you will ruin your skin and your face will look tired and exhausted.

Using beauty tricks is not a permanent solution and you should avoid it unless really necessary and if you do not have time at the moment to go the gym or to work on your body to look slimmer. However, you should also avoid getting addicted to covering your real self.


Face and eye puffiness

If you want to avoid your face and your eyes ending up puffy make sure that first of all you are getting plenty of rest and sleep and that your body is working at optimum capacity. Avoid eating or drinking too much before going to sleep because your digestion is not working at full capacity and it will only cause your body to be tired, which will be visible on your face and on your eyes.

Puffy faces make your face look rounder overall; it is good to perform facial exercises on a daily basis to improve circulation and to make your face look slimmer. Fortunately, these exercises are not hard and they do not require a lot of time. Furthermore, keep your skin moisturized as it will help reduce puffiness and improve your circulation.

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Choose the right haircut

A good and flattering haircut can help you seem slimmer in the face, and it will also look great. However, there are many factors you will have to take into account when choosing the right haircut, and if you have a trusted and renowned hairdresser it is best to ask them for advice as they will know exactly how to complement your face and make it look slimmer. Moreover, getting a new haircut is always a good way to start fresh.

The basic rule is that you should not go for short haircuts as they will only make your face look rounder, rather opt for middle length or longer hairstyles which can be parted on the side, creating a chic and elegant look all the while making your face look slimmer and thinner. The hair color can also influence how your face is perceived; usually darker colors slim your face and brighter colors widen it. If you do not want to make radical changes it is better to combine both darker and lighter colors in your hair to have the maximum slimming effect.

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Contour your face

Applying the right makeup can help you shape your face in a way that will seem slimmer, but you will have to know the art of contouring it. Using matte bronzers is the best way to contour your face so that it will look thinner in the end. In essence, it is best to contour the hollows in your face: cheeks; by doing so you are making sure that your face seems slimmer.

Furthermore, it is important that when you apply different kind of makeup that you make it seem natural and part of your face. Avoid making harsh lines and unnatural looking shadows as it will seem distorted in the end, and your face will not look thinner at all. You should however highlight key features on your face to take the accent away from the parts that make your face seem rounder.

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A thin face

The best way to achieve a slimmer face is of course to work on your whole body so that you maintain your ideal weight; furthermore, it is important to drink a lot of water to keep your body functioning well and that you avoid puffiness in the face.  As a last resort, you can use accessories to attain the best possible look, longer earrings and necklaces which point down to the center are your best friend as they will make your face seem slimmer.

Remember that these are only a few beauty tricks and that they will not fix up your face to look permanently thin, it is something that you will have to work on to achieve the facial shape you always wanted.


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