Best Hot Alcoholic Drinks To Warm You Up

Hot spiked drinks

A large smoky den filled with grubby men, smoking and consuming rum, while flicking rolled up cigarettes between their lips. What came to your mind? A gambler’s lair? well, gone are the days when gambling was a do or die means to make quick money with the last remaining dollars that you had. Today, it’s all a big flashy business. Casinos, a money churning machine for the owners and a luck gambling place for many is a spot for entertainment. Today the Casinos are frequented by people from all walks of life. Be it a family out on a road trip or a group friends there to celebrate. Casinos, are no longer the gloomy and sinister places, but in fact offer opportunity to socialize, gamble and party all at once. The relationship between socializing, gambling and drinks is centuries old and hence the presence of drinks at each and every casino. Since, nowadays people from all wakes of life visit casinos therefore, there is now a variety of drinks available be it hot or cold.

Cranking up the heat to just few notch in cold nights when you are spending the time with your friends is a given on weekends.

Here we present some of the best hot alcoholic drinks to warm you up on a cold casino night.

The Classic Irish Coffee:

As the name suggests it is not just an Irish coffee but a cup of coffee with a tantalizing twist. Yes, you read it right a twist. This classic beverage is prepared by mixing Irish whiskey, with sugar, coffee, and whipped cream. This hot alcoholic drink can help you stay warm and feeling content on cold nights.

The Bourbon Chai:

Chai, oh no it is not at all about the Asian concoction that is prepared to be served in evenings, but in fact it is an improvised version that makes it one the most liked drinks in Casino bars. It is prepared by mixing Maker’s Mark, spiced freshly brewed chai tea, Cointreau, splashes of bitter. This specially brewed drink is spiced up with cinnamon powder and honey.

Fistful of Bitters:

As the name might imply, this drink is an opposite of that, a heartwarming drink that is served in thermo glasses to keep it steamy hot is a specially prepared drink by mixing Averna Amaro, Cocchi Barolo Chinato. This drink would not only warm up your insides but also induce a warming feel to your chilled hands while you hold that glass, also you can use this hot drink in your drinking games.

Hot Night in Normandy:

This beverage is probably the most delicious hot buttered drink that could be served at any bar. This beverage is prepared by using sugar, lemon juice, white rum, butter, apple cider, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The brewed beverage is topped with frosting to give a sense of warmth and comfort. This is one of the best hot alcoholic beverage that a gambler can have on a cold night in a casino.

Winter Warmer:

This name itself lets heat surround you. This is a specialty drink prepared by a hotel casino in New York. This drink is prepared by combining a variety of spices like star anise, cloves, nutmeg, all spice pod, black pepper corn, and cardamom along with sugar, lemon juice, orange juice, red wine and a dash of vodka. This special warmer is delight for the taste buds and help you remain alert during the gambling.

These are some of the best hot alcoholic drinks that can actually help you stay warm while gambling, but a small bit of warming these hot drinks might warm you up but can also result if fuzzed up brains.

Ben Moore is author of this article, he also writes for traveler blog.


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