Best Undervalued Wines In New Zealand

In New Zealand, wine making is still a fairly new thing. The good news is that, after some few years. Kiwi a New Zealand wine making company is already producing wines which are being lauded in international platforms.

In 2002, Felton Road was declared to be one of the best wines in a tasting of reds. This was done by Robert
Parker who had been one main critic in New Zealand wines.

In 2003, Central Otago; a region in New Zealand was rated one of the most exciting wine regions in the
world. This was done by wine spectator. Otago is among the 4 regions in the in New Zealand producing wine.
Other areas include Marlborough, Auckland region, and Hawke’s Bay. Experts have attributed the success of
Otago in wine production to the region’s temperatures (extreme) which are being experienced in the area.
They argue that blistering summers and frigid winters are beneficial when it comes to making of wine.
Some years ago, there were 5 labels and 30- hectares producing vine in central Otago; by now there are
more than 35 well-established vineyards which cover more than 750 hectares of vines. Recently, more than
two dozens of vineyards have been established. Some vines were set up by leading celebrities such as Roger
Donaldson (Director) and Sam Neill (Actor).

The demand for undervalued wines in New Zealand is very high, yet the wineries are too small. With this,
the volume of export has become limited. The quality of the wines has been excellent, and it is keeping
becoming a better day in day out.

The 4 key grapes in New Zealand include:

• Sauvignon Blanc

• Chardonnay

• Pinot Noir

• Cabernet Sauvignon

some of the vineyards which have achieved a consistent 4- or even 5-star labels in both categories of wines
White and red) includes:

• Cooper’s Creek

• Morton Estate

• Hunter

• Te Mata

• Cloudy Bay

• Babich

Top 10 Best undervalued wines in New Zealand

As per (Bob Campbell); a New Zealand wine Maestro, the following brands make top brands of the wines being manufactured in New Zealand. The research is based on top categories. The best white wines are listed below. Follow the links to get more information about the brand.

Saint Clair Wairau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, 2006
Ihumatao Vineyard, Vintage 2011/2013
Astrolabe Pinot Gris, 2006
Spitfire Sauvignon Blanc, 2005
Unoaked Chardonnay

Top 5 best undervalued red wines. They include the following:
Delta Hatter’s Hill Pinot Noir, 2009
Villa Maria’s Reserve Syrah
Wooing Tree Pinot Noir, 2013
Church Road SV Cabernet Merlot, 2004
Silks Syrah, 2004

A few words to sum up the hole information.

All things considered we can come to a conclusion that the above is the list of top 10 best-undervalued wines in New Zealand. This is a Guide to New Zealand Wines for Gamblers. You may be asking yourself where you can get a stock. One of the perfect places to shop is in the Christchurch region where you can get the wine in Liquorland. The offices are operational from Monday to Sunday. You can purpose to get your brand any of the days.

Tha author of the article is also composed the Guide to New Zealand Wines for Gamblers.


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