Casual Office Style For Young Ladies

When it comes to business dress code, less is definitely more. It is very challenging to dress up without being overdressed. Business casual is nowadays a leading style among young ladies; however, it is not clearly defined. It basically encompasses neat clothes that are more formal than casual clothes, yet more informal than smart clothes. This office style was gradually introduced with the acceptance of Casual Fridays, when casual business clothes were welcomed with open arms. If this whole concept of dressing formally but yet casually is still vague to you, stay with us. Here are some tips about how to wear casual clothes and still look formal, so check them out.

Business lady dress

Keep it simple

First of all, you should know what is totally unacceptable when it comes to this style. Clothes that are too revealing, such as crop tops, tank tops and miniskirts will never look professional. Showing too much skin will always leave a bad impression, no matter how great an expert you actually are. Also, keep away from clothes which scream brand name – huge logos are considered to be very inappropriate in a business environment.

You should never wear sloppy clothes that can be worn to either beach or gym. No one will take you seriously if you show up in your favourite pink flip-flops at work.

Business basics black and white

Back to basics

On the other hand, it is important to know what are the basics of the business casual dress code. In the first place, there are tailored pants, knee length pencil skirts, plain blouses and t-shirts, as well as cardigans and blazers. When it comes to footwear, high heels are appropriate as well as boots and flats. It is always a good idea to keep a pair of classic heels and a blazer in your office, in case of an unexpected meeting with an important client. Your t-shirts and blouses should not be see-through, because your underwear should never be seen at your workplace. If you are into jewellery, you should know that it is fine to wear it as long as it is not over the top. Business bag is required, and you can wear it together with another smaller bag in which you can carry your personal stuff.

Stylish business lady

Tailored to business ladies

Nowadays, there are many brands which have special collections created in accordance with the business casual style. This certainly makes life easier for many young women who are indecisive when it comes to clothes. The department of ladies fashion from Forcast offers you basics that every young business girl should have in her closet. Here you can find absolute must-haves for your casual office style. Brands such as Banana Republic, Macy’s and Gap are also offering office basics, and this is actually very encouraging, because you can find everything you need in one place.

Now that you have read all the tips, we are sure that the whole concept of dressing casually but yet formally is much clearer to you. The key to success is definitely in keeping it simple. This will certainly make you look both classy and professional at the same time.


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