Celebrity Pets: Are These The Oddest Pets You Have Ever Seen?

Growing up, remember how often you’d hear a saying that a dog is man’s best friend? Well, seems like these celebrities never got the memo about given how odd their pet choices are! Or, they may as well be familiar with the saying yet deciding that owning a dog or a cat would be way too mainstream.  Who knows! Nevertheless, you can’t help but feel the love these celebrities have for their pets, it’s more than evident and therefore – we support!

Let’s start listing some of the most interesting pet celebrities:

David Beckham’s Micro Pigs

Being immune to cuteness is something even the mighty David Beckham can’t do. Mrs Beckham bought these lovely pets for her husband in 2009 as a Christmas gift and they cost them over 1,400 pounds, or about $2,200 US. They grow to be just 14 inches tall and are named after family friends David Furnish and Elton John.

David Beckham-s Micro Pigs

Tori Spelling’s Chicken

What would Coco Chanel have to say had she lived to see Tori Spelling’s chicken and the fast it was named after her? The reality TV star loves spending time with her fluffy pet chicken while she runs errands around town. Her adorable pet feeds on various human treats while keeping Tori company.

Tori Spelling-s Chicken

Mike Tyson’s Pigeons

When you think of Mike Tyson the first thought that runs across your mind is a huge guy, a ferocious boxer who once bit off someone’s ear and definitely not someone who owns a weird pet. But, guess what – he does! Since he stopped boxing, Tyson found a passion in pigeon racing. Interesting thing is that, even before his boxing days, Tyson began collecting small numbers of pigeons only to have his collection grow after he retired from the boxing scene. Believe it or not, he now owns thousands of domesticated pigeons. He says he considers his hobby to be therapeutic!

Mike Tyson-s Pigeons

Reese Witherspoon’s Miniature Donkeys

Apparently, Reese Witherspoon’s love for miniature donkeys started growing when she visited a friend’s farm. She bought two of her own and named them Honky and Tonky. They became a part of Weatherperson’s other four-legged family members – goats, pigs, goats and dogs.

Reese Witherspoon-s Miniature Donkeys

Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee

It’s not a surprise to learn that Jackson had something weird for a pet. After all, the king of pop wouldn’t be his outrageous self if there wasn’t something and everything special about him. His pet friend was a chimpanzee named Bubbles and before the two settled at Neverland Ranch he used to accompany him on business trips. Once they moved to the Ranch, Bubbles reportedly ate candy in the Neverland movie theater, slept in a crib in Jackson’s room and even used the same toilet. When he began displaying aggressive tendencies, he had to be relocated to an animal sanctuary.

Michael Jackson-s Chimpanzee

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Tortoise

Leonardo Dicaprio obviously prefers taking things slow given he spent $400 on a pet tortoise that’s probably going to outlive him. Reportedly, this pet can grow to weigh 200 pounds and live for 80 years. Well, Leo, hope you guys have fun!

Leonardo Dicaprio-s Tortoise

Steven Tyler’s Raccoon

Steven Tyler knows better than to believe the bad rep raccoons have gained over the years! While she was a guest on David Letterman, he told him he never goes fishing without his pet raccoon on his shoulder. Even though they are portrayed aggressive animals in movies, domesticated raccoons can be bought legally and can be litter box trained. While raccoon pets don’t need the same treatment as dogs, believe it or not, said to be just as friendly!

Steven Tyler-s Raccoon

Being a celebrity pet must be a great since there is a very special treatment for every animal – grooming, taking care of their health with capstar, vitamins, minerals and long walks.  So, in your opinion do these make for a list of the weirdest pets ever? Oh well, who’s to say what’s weird anyway – as long as they are loved!


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