C’est chic: Street style from Paris

We all know that French women have that “Je ne sais qui” when it comes to fashion. When you see them walking down the streets of Paris, you just want to steal that “mojo”, and look so effortlessly stylish. When looking the pieces they are wearing separately, we might think: No way, that ain’t gonna work. But, after the Parisian chic comes on stage, they all seem to fit perfectly. How is that possible? Do French women know something we don’t or the Paris itself makes every outfit look special? Well, it’s neither of those things. The trick is not worrying too much about labels and fashion trends, but knowing that style is forever and that you should wear what suits your figure and personality. Read on, to discover some chic street styles from Paris.

Black out

Using some basic colors such as white, black and grey, doesn’t have to look uneventful if you know how to put it all together. French women aren’t afraid of putting together white pants, black boots and black jacket. Let black pieces be your stylish items, and white your pop of color. It is the perfect classic evergreen (or ever black and white) look, with which you can never go wrong. The important thing is that all of the pieces be fitted, especially jacket/blazer. If you want to add something to refresh the combination, use some metallic pieces, as bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses or buckles on boots and bag.


Flourish in a retro dress

Imagine yourself sitting in a Parisian bistro somewhere in the 60s. What would you wear? Surely a lovely vintage dress, just an inch bellow your knees covered with big conspicuous flowers which is revealing sensually a hint of your shoulders, just enough to boost the imagination of gentlemen visiting the bistro. Where can you find such a dress in the year 2015, you might ask? You can look for this kind of vintage item in almost every second hand store. Refresh the outfit with modern pieces, such as shoes and purse.


Feminine class

When someone says feminine fabric we instantly think of lace. And it’s true, there is no other fabric that look as classy and gentle as lace. Turn to French women to find out new ways of wearing it (other than white and black) in bright colors and with a shirt-like collar. It is the look that is saying: “I am a woman. I embrace my femininity. I can rule the world just as good as men do.” One other thing that French women seem to know better is to embrace their true self, including their tan. If it is as white as snow, you can still wear a dress, without opting for faux tan.



Blast from the past

Dig into your mother’s wardrobe and find those perfect chic items that a Parisian lady would wear. Nothing should go to waste, especially not those stylish pants with wide leg opening. It is the perfect fancy item which you can wear on a business meeting or a dinner party, while concealing some unwanted curves. And they also ooze a glamorous vibe which simply screams “Paris”. And we couldn’t even begin to talk about French women style without mentioning classic plain turtlenecks. To improve even more this combination add a pop of color with a purse and put on stiletto heels.


What do you say dear ladies? Are you ready to incorporate some Parisian chic into your wardrobes? You don’t have to be French to dare to wear these seemingly bold combinations, au contraire, break those stereotypes into pieces, and discover your own “Je ne sais qui” in search for the eternal style that overcomes fashion trends.

Images by Ivano Bellini via Flickr, Creative Commons


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