Common Skin Disorders

The following are the common skin disorders,

  1. Skin Cancer: It is the growth of cancer cells in the skin, if left untreated, these cancer cells will spread throughout the body.
  2. Lupus: This skin disorder occurs when the body’s immune system mistakenly affects the body while protecting against viruses and bacteria.
  3. Rubeola or Measles: This skin disorder is caused by a virus affecting the throat and lungs, if left untreated, measles can cause pneumonia and also affects the brain.
  4. Acne: This skin disorder occurs when skin is affected by repeated developments of pimples, i.e., pores on the skin are blocked by bacteria, or due to some other health issue.
  5. Hemangioma of Skin: This skin disorder is noncancer which occurs due to the development of abnormal collection of blood vessels
  6. Cold Sore: This skin disorder appear as flood filled blisters near the mouth or on other areas of face, this skin disorder usually lasts more than one week.
  7. Psoriasis: This skin disorder is marked by scaly patches on skin.
  8. Rosacea: This skin disorder is marked by red pus filled bumps usually on nose, cheeks and forehead.
  9. Seborrheic Eczema: This skin disorder occurs due to overproduction of skin oil and it is marked by scaly patches on skin, it affects mostly infants.
  10. Hives: This skin disorder is caused by when get in touch with an irritant, or adverse effect of a medication, this disorder can be itchy.
  11. Vitiligo: This skin disorder occurs when the skin looses a pigment, the affected area will be viewed as white with irregular border.
  12. Warts: This skin disorder is caused by a virus, and the affected part of the skin looks like a raised bump, it also affects the sensitive parts of human body, if left untreated this skin disorder lead to cancer.
  13. Carbuncle: This skin disorder is an infection which affects deep within the skin and also hair follicles.
  14. Cellulitis: This skin disorder is caused a bacterial infection which appears as a red swollen area which will be painful to touch.
  15. Impetigo: This skin disorder is a skin infection which affects mostly children.
  16. Fungal Nail Infection: This skin disorder is a fungal infection which affects the nails, this skin disorder occurs if you have; nail injury, diabetes or swimmed in a public swimming pool.

If affected with these skin disorders, it is advised to consult a dermatologist.

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