Dating After Childbirth

It’s Completely Normal to Be Scared

It is completely natural for new single mothers to be completely freaked out when it comes to dating after giving birth to their babies. With the feel of butterflies in your stomach when going on your first date. The best advice given by many mothers is to take it slow as many men will be ok with taking it step by step and at your pace. The fear of getting to know someone can also be scary because of having to boost your own confidence and reminding yourself that you are strong, independent and smart women.


Take Dating at a Slow and Steady Pace

Most new single mothers are scared of dating due to being hurt again and fear jumping back into the dating game. This can create uneasiness and making you feel worthless and untrusting, but there is no reason to give up hope, when decent guys do exist. It is better to take things slow and steady when you meet someone you want to take that step with. There is no reason to rush into anything when you are not ready and you are reeling off of child birth. It is better to pace out your dates so that way you do not overwhelm yourself, especially since you just recently when through a traumatic child birth.

Always Trust Your Instincts

Family members, friends and co-workers might try to push you into the dating scene when you don’t feel ready to take that step. They might even try to set you up with someone but you don’t have to give in to the pressure and always follow your own instincts when it comes to who you will and won’t date. If you decide to go on dates and something doesn’t feel right, you should always follow that instinct and the most important is to not look for someone to date to save you from being a single mother.

Start Finding Dates Online

If you are not ready to go on actual dates but want a way to get back into the dating world, you can always turn to the online dating world where you can chat with any guy you want and decide where that will go. It offers a more realistic way to meet people when you have a crazy mom schedule and the only free time you have is after the kids go to bed. You can easily jump online to a dating site like OkCupid or dial up the Atlanta chat line and start connecting with local singles and see where that leads.


Prepare Your Kids for You Dating Someone New

When you start dating, you will need to make the decision ahead of time if your kids will meet your dates or not, which will eliminate the stress that is involved once you start dating someone. You will need to be able to feel comfortable with the man you date along with your kids and once you feel ready to introduce them to him or vice versa, things will become easier. Dating as a new single mother especially after child birth no longer has to be so difficult as long as you feel ready to take that step.


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