Decoding the Tribal – Rituals of Fashion Week

weight: 400;”>Another Fashion Week was coming back and the news about the most awaited (and insane) fashion event of the year spread like wildfire. Suddenly, fashionistasweight: 400;”> from around the globe turned their eyes to the Big Appleweight: 400;”>, venue of the event that every two years rolls through the most important fashion capitals of the world such as Paris, London, and Milan. However, what is really the craze of a fashion week is that the length may or may not be seven days.

weight: 400;”>Indeed, there must be a series of tribal rituals and signs to decode here in order for us all to understand better, what all this is all about and whether you were one of the chosen by the gods or not to have received one of those 200+ exclusive invitations handed out to attend the event. Nevertheless, let us begin from the start and to be grammatically cheeky, if necessary, to match ourselves with all the weirdness that the New York Fashion Week may bring to our senses.


fashion week 1

weight: 400;”>Fashion Week 1943

Back to the Roots

weight: 400;”>It is said that to understand fully some creeds, it is necessary to step back to their roots and discover the origin of their tribal rituals. Fashion is no exception here, and if we look back to 1943, we will find the origin of the New York Fashion Weekweight: 400;”>. To start with, a fashion week has never been a seven days event, but a strange period of time that may expand or contract at the sole wish of designers, participants, sponsors or others. So that, when someone invites you to the next fashion week, be ready to enter into that strange fashion period of time, which may last as few as three days or as many as ten days – no rules nor fixed week length… Should we call it extended fashion week instead?

fashion week 2

weight: 400;”>Models on Runway Fashion Week 2015

Really, Latest Fashion Trends?

weight: 400;”>The reason why Fashion Week drives so much public attention regardless the city this event takes place, is that during those days of our flexible week we will see fashion that is coming to the stores six months later. Yes, it is new, it is fashionable, and looks just great on slender models far from the average body of those buyers seeking to get the fashion they wear. Honestly, not even all those celebritiesweight: 400;”> attending the event look as great as they think they will when buying the same attire that these fashion models are wearing on the catwalk. However, going straight to the point, and regardless if you look like a model or like an average mortal, do you need to dream about a dress that will look démodé and overexposed when it finally comes for sale?

Too Much Hassle, Too Few Hopes

weight: 400;”>Well, you do not care about timing whether the Fashion Week last three days or ten, and you know “THAT” dress in the collection of your favorite designer — which you have not seen yet — will look wonderful on you despite those extra pounds you gained the last month. Therefore, who cares if those 200 collections to be presented are only from five brands and that this day you will be driven to one location and the next to a troublesome other place. You decide to attend the Fashion Week and shine like those spotlights lampsweight: 400;”> witnessing your arrival but… Oh, your bad! This is an invitation-only event, and no matter what you do to try to pass the checkpoint leading to your 15 minutes of fame.

fashion week 3

weight: 400;”>Audience on Front Row at Fashion Week

Making it to the Top

weight: 400;”>Let us suppose you made it and you are in, and ready for the most exciting fashion experience of your life… Ready, set, go! You need to get a seat in the front row if you want to be noticed. You cannot get more social media followers or any social success if you are sitting in the last row. However, the worst part of this — aside from the forced invitation that we said you do not have, right? — is that nobody knows the algorithm or magical formula that gets you an assigned seat, not to mention that you will be waiting just to discover that the show is over before you have ever noticed it!

weight: 400;”>From choosing what to wear at the most fancy fashion event of the year, to decoding exactly what the professional attendees do during the New York Fashion Week, everything will be strange, rarified and incomprehensible for the simple mortal in love with fashion. Then, you will only see how the pro fashionistas quickly pack to fly after the next Fashion Week in Europe.


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