Does Herbal Medicine Really Help Us?

Cinnamon is used to regulate blood sugar, rosemary is great for preventing cancer, ginger averts nausea. The list of herbal remedies that help us prevent and cure numerous harsh diseases is impressively large. But, does herbal medicine really help or it is just some kind of tradition that has been preserved over centuries? This is one of the most popular and, at the same time, trickiest modern topics that has caused numerous debates. Most importantly, it’s of crucial importance for our future lives and health. Why should anyone take medications that could trigger various side effects, when we can simply stay healthy by using herbal remedies?

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According to numerous researches, herbal supplements and medications can be highly beneficial for our health if we learn how to use them in a proper way. Here are some most important facts about herbal medicine and its positive effects on people’s health. Check them out!

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine, also known asbotanical medicine or phytomedicine, originates from the past, when people used plants’ seeds, roots, leaves, berries and flowers to prevent and cure numerous diseases. Because of its beneficial uses and effects on people’s health, herbal medicine has been perfectly preserved and even developed into a modern branch of medicine. Today, numerous renowned medical researches and records have proven that the value of herbal medicine is really high.

How do herbs actually work?

Although it might not seem so, herbal medicine is very complex and it requires long-run researches and collecting data about a particular plant, its effects on health, its ingredients and the environment in which it grows. Unfortunately, this is usually something we still don’t know for sure.

Let’s take an example of an aforementioned cinnamon. It’s general knowledge that it regulates cholesterol and blood sugar. It’s even something proven by thousands of people all around the world. However, scientists still don’t know what it is in cinnamon that helps us achieve such effects. This is something scientists need to work on for long period of time before they draw conclusions.

How are herbs usually used?

In the last couple of decades, herbal medicine has rapidly developed. Today, herbs are usually used in a form of dietary supplements. This doesn’t mean that they are supposed to replace the intake of other dietary ingredients, but to be used together with them in order to boost our immune system, improve our memory capacity and the quality of sleep.

One of the most popular healing herbs is definitely Echinacea that boosts our immunity and helps us prevent colds and heal from them faster. Ginko is used for enhancing our memory, garlic to prevent cancer and lower blood pressure, while feverfew is used to treat migraines and allergies.

Are herbal medications and supplements safe?

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Have you ever wondered why pharmacists warn us about natural, dietary supplements? Well, that’s just because it’s their duty as doctors and pharmacists to indicate possible side effects of such products and to explain us how to use them properly.As it has been already mentioned, plants have been used for medical purposed for thousands of years, therefore it is more that obvious that they can have similar effects like regular drugs, just without artificial substances. Before they are put on the market, all herbal remedies need to be tested and approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, since they are considered neither food not drug, they cannot get the explicit approval from the FDA. On the contrary, their manufacturers are constantly monitored and need to respect all the regulations or, otherwise they would be sued.

How should we use herbal products?

When it comes to the sole choice of herbal supplements or medications, you need to be very careful. Always try to pick the one with the long tradition and spotless history, which is certified and approved by all the FDA, such as Herbs of Gold products. You should also be careful about mixing a particular herbal supplement with other supplements or medications, which could lead to numerous side effects.

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Dating back in China in 2800BC, herbal medicine has always played an immense role in numerous cultures and traditions. Only because of its nourishing and beneficial effects on people’s health, it has been preserved for centuries. Most importantly, it can set us free from all harmful substances and improve our health in so many ways. Now, we can only hope that its future is going to be even brighter and that herbal medicines will soon become classified and regulated just like other medicines.


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