Easy Tips to Clean & Organise Your Home in a Day

Seemingly impossible, but being an introvert won’t help either! All you need is a lot of enthusiasm, hard work and strategic planning to clean and organise your entire home in a day. How lovely it would be if time were more like money but unfortunately it isn’t and you can’t save or stash it away for a rainy day.

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Career, family and time commitments all vie for your attention but you should save some moments for important things like cleaning a messy home. There’s no need to be sad or frazzled as situation isn’t all hopeless. Proceed carefully and with determination to get your house all spruced-up by sunset. Here’s how to do it!

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Planning & Preparation

  • Stroll around your home and carefully assess every nook. See if the mess is result of dust, clutter or both.
  • Make a list of items you wish to declutter such as “all unused stuff for about six months goes to charity” while keep the rest in closet.
  • Once you’ve a visual map in your mind, devising an action plan would be much easier. Rank rooms from best to worse, assign hours and proceed.
  • Depending on mindset, you may be tempted to work in a reverse order that gets the work done faster. Still, clock is ticking and you don’t want the messiest room go untouched!
  • Each room must be timed differently such as an hour for the living room, 45 minutes for your bedroom, a few extra minutes for bathroom and so on. In-short, breakdown your list!

A carefully designed action plan defines your motto of the day like what to throw out, clean and put back. Write motto atop the list for motivation while listing rooms and cleaning time. Make a rating scale from “5 to 0” that’s “Excellent to Worse” as it helps doing each task carefully. Take a vacuum cleaner and move across the room to have it streaky clean. Turn on some good music or anything motivational.


Proceed With Divide & Conquer Rule

  • Widen your working area by moving all unwanted stuff out of the room. Create a pile for each item such as clothes, books, toys, CDs and place them in a bag.
  • Mark each as either trash or recyclable, hang clothes in the closet, do all you can to organise the room.
  • Follow the inverted pyramid rule such as start cleaning with the most important/messiest corner of your home to the least muddled.
  • Carefully divide the cleaning tasks such as remove cobwebs and dust from the roof and ceilings before you sweep the floor.
  • Next, spray windows with glass cleaning solution or simply wipe with a linen cloth. Don’t rub glass surface with an abrasive/rough fabric however it’s useful when dealing with tough food stains and leftovers from oven top.
  • Vacuum carpet, sofas and curtains for thorough clean. Mop tiled floor with a moist cloth to give it a glitzy shine. If haven’t cleaned for ages, have it whitewashed or apply varnish.
  • Return all cluttered goods in their respective places such as makeup and jewellery in a jewellery box, CDs, toys, books and other supplies in closet.

When all that’s done, dump the garbage in dumpster, check the list to make sure you didn’t missed anything and enjoy a nice, clean and cosy home just within a day. While hiring maids in UAE, all you need is to brief them about what to clean or not and relax as they’ll handle everything professionally.


The above tips guarantee spotless cleaning that gives your home a glitzy appeal. Try today!


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