Fashion in focus: Patterns and Prints

Although summer has ended, it came to our attention how many designers this year decided to take a leap of faith and to do something that had been neglected for the past few years. It seems that prints and patterns had made a comeback “with all guns blazing”, for being left aside. Many of designers, including Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Tory Burch, Marni, Emporio Armani reintroduced prints of variety themes, or different style of patterns that had been used throughout fashion runways.



Jungle Prints by Hermes

It appears that this season floral section was divided into two camps, one standing for more abstract style, with flat flowers, and the other, which represented more natural and romantic, hand painted designs. Some were strictly vectored and flat, which had been seen on fashion weeks organized by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, opposed to Dolce&Gabbana, which used more romantic, gentle approach, relying on Greek legacy and motifs. Hermes also used jungle patterns, which also brought out many positive critics. If you desire to follow this trend this season, and to show your open side of personality, we can recommend this approach, and maybe, if you are living in a place where summer is never-ending, you could consider wearing a light summer skirt or dress. Especially multi layered flowers, such have been seen in Marni and Armani’s collection can help to bring out depth as well.


Patterned bikinis by Bikini Island

Different styles, approaches, a true explosion of patterns were seen during four week long fashion show. Die-cuts, woodblocks and typography have been presented by many fashion giants, but Chanel’s collection stands among other, by distinguishing itself with color exercise inspired pattern, using a nineteenth century sample board, used by Royal Talens. On the other hand, Prada showed us how much is important to credit artists who painted portraits used by designers, giving credit to no less than six artists and textile designers. As for you, it is possible to combine already mentioned summer dress with patterned swimwear underneath. And yes, some people will say that these two can’t be combined, but, as a matter of fact, they are wrong.


Mixed print by Nicole Miller

 As long as you keep few things in mind, you can pull out any effect you desire. In general, it is said that, for example plaids and stripes can’t be combined effectively, but in reality, it is possible. You just need to watch for matching colors, but if you are less keen on idea which color goes with which, take the safe road, and pick black and white, those go with everything. If you are, by any case, fan of prints, be careful, because scale and color of the print must match, and this is something that is not easy to pull out. For the beginning, try to match pattern with some floral print, which should be much easier. And when you look at the mirror, an see your outfit being too busy in one section, consider spreading print, by putting on one in the upper part, and the other in the lower. But, if you have the feeling that you exaggerated a bit with prints and colors, try breaking it with something solid, for example purse, or solid colored jacket.


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