Find What You Love and Let It Become Your Passion

When your day is constituted of work-eat-sleep-repeat routine, you end up living your life like a machine and you don’t work on yourself at all. You don’t improve in any way and you are bored most of the time. Having fun does not mean just watching TV, you can have fun doing something you really love. Can you learn to knot a sweater? Can you make your own garden look like something out of a fairy tale? Can you draw an auto portrait? Perhaps the answer to these is ‘no’, but why not do something about it and learn how to do some of these things? It’s time you found a hobby!

Find what you love and let it become your passion by

What is interesting and valuable for you?

To begin with, you should ask yourself something: what interests you the most and what exactly do you find to be the most valuable in life? How do you spend your free time? Do you like reading? Why don’t you try writing something? Maybe you will become the next best-selling author or famous blogger. You could also try volunteering somewhere: libraries are always full of people who love books, poetry, and who value education the most. You will get to know great people and perhaps make life-long friendships based on similar interests and love for written word. What is your favourite drink? Perhaps making wine or beer at home will inspire you to try finding the best beer there is, and maybe you’ll be onto a new recipe.

Develop your skills

If you are an active person who doesn’t like sitting for hours, a hobby which will take you outside or make you develop some skills is the right choice. Bike riding and hiking will take you outside on fresh air and the sun. You will be more energized and stronger, not to mention agility and weight loss connected to these activities as well. Building things and meddling with small parts may take you on a path of car restoration or furniture building and repairing, and you can even change the look of your living room or make your own hot rod out of old and (at first glance) useless old car. You will learn so much about things you just found interesting and you will be able to spice up any conversation with interesting facts which are connected to your hobby.

Use your patience

Find what you love and let it become your passion by

If you have love for details and patience to sit for hours, you can try something old-fashioned and creative like sewing or knitting. Stores like Darn Good Yarn have great yarn you can buy and make your own scarves, hats, sweaters, skirts, or even knitted bikinis. Needles and patience are all you need to make it happen. You can also try making necklaces out of pearls and beads, writing tiny letters, collecting stamps, or building little models of cars, houses, gardens, etc. Put your patience to good use and learn something new. Not to mention the benefit of working on your fine motor skills – rheumatoid arthritis patients are advised to start knitting so their joints would stay flexible.

What will it get you

Your life and job may be great for you, but very few people have chance to really let their creative juices flow and use their inspiration. Creative outlet provided with activities you chose to take up is great for your stress levels. You will be doing something that’s just for you, something that makes you tick, that lets you sleep peacefully and gets smile on your face. Hard day will not be as hard when you take your model, needles, or book in your hand, or if you go for a walk. Pleasure and relaxation is what you get out of it. Moreover, you will likely meet new people who share your interests, especially if you do some research online – online communities of people who enjoy doing same things are a treasure chest.

Hobbies make your life more beautiful and more fun, you spend time doing something creative, learning new skills, constantly improving and becoming better. Your interests can become your true passion, and who knows – if you become good enough maybe you can even start your own job or sell some of your works on Amazon or Etsy!


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