Five Things You Should Know About Sensitive Skin

Only few things can make life so miserable like sensitive skin can. It can surprise you when you do not expect anything like that to happen, in a completely inappropriate moment and ruin a lot of things in your life. Imagine that you are about to give in important speech at a large business conference or you are getting married and you wake up with a rash or acne all over your face. To keep the skin in order, here are some facts and remedies for sensitive skin.

Avoid too much makeup

Makeup is made from a huge number of allergens, which is why people who have sensitive skin should not overdo with makeup. Also, if you really have to put on makeup, always apply it step by step, checking if there are any allergic reactions. Apart from that, never change the type of makeup you use before important days in your life. That way you will minimize the surprise factor.

Makeup products with aloe vera, coconut oil and chamomile have a soothing effect on every skin tape, so read the ingredients list and stick to these ones.

Keep it moisturized

In case of sensitive skin types, you should never let the skin dry out. In order to keep the skin hydrated and nurtured, you should apply moisturizing cream both in the evening and in the morning. Before that, you could go for a peeling session, to remove the dead cells and let the skin breathe and soak up the new coat of moisturizer.

sensitive skin

Mind the food

What you eat always reflects on your skin. Balanced diet for people who have problems with their skin consists of a lot of fish, vegetables, olive oil, seeds and all sorts of nuts. On the other hand, you should also avoid sweet food, overdoing with coffee (which dries out the body) and soda drinks.

Also, try not to experiment with food which you are not familiar with. We all like tasting exotic stuff when we travel abroad. However, if you know that your skin reacts more vividly, to be mild, then skip the part where you should eat traditional specialties. Do not allow your stay turn in far away areas, such as Australia or Argentina, to turn into a search for an acne treatment in Sydney or Buenos Aires.

Don’t let the sun to spoil the fun

Spending a lot of time outside during summer (or just hot) months can contribute a lot to worsening already chronic skin issues. So as to make your skin protected and sheltered from the strong and harmful UV sun rays, you should always wear a hat and thin cotton covers over your arms and legs. A hat on the head goes without saying and always put on some sun cream on your face. That way you will ensure a full-scale protection for your sensitive skin.

Less indoor smoke, more outdoor air

Staying whole days in sultry offices and then going to smoke-soaked cafes at night will not help your keep your skin in order. Going out for walks in the woods or by the river or the sea is a much better and healthier option for sensitive skin. Besides that, physical activities always help the whole body get rid of harmful parts and rejuvenate for new challenges.


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