Formal Masquerade Ball: Tips on wearing a flawless outfit

Got recently invited to a formal masquerade ball? If you are not sure what to wear, don’t worry. There are countless great ideas for creating an impeccable outfit. In the past, masquerade was a synonym for dozens of pricey accessories and bejeweled masks, as well as heavy gowns embellished with numerous details. Nowadays, the outfit appropriate for such an event is simplified and thankfully, it’s more affordable.

However, there is one fact that has always been characteristic for every masquerade ball- it MUST be shrouded in mystery. Therefore, your outfit needs to be elegant and intricate at the same time. Here are some amazing tips that will help you keep heads turning.

Choosing perfect dress

Since the event is formal, you need to choose an elegant yet feminine dress. Maxi dresses are usually recommended for such events since they look classier. However, if you aren’t a fan of long dresses, you could also choose a short, but stylish one.

When it comes to the color of the dress, you need to choose something more neutral. For example, you should avoid strong-colored cocktail dresses. One of the most amazing solutions for a formal masquerade is a black dress. Either long or short, this versatile piece will look amazing on you. If you are afraid that you won’t manage to stand out in the sea of black dresses, you should choose a unique one, or simply combine it with some interesting accessories.

Apart from being classy, your dress needs to emphasize your personality and to stress your silhouette perfectly. That’s the main reason why you shouldn’t strictly go for trends. Instead, select the dress that fits you perfectly and makes you feel comfortable. If you love classical style, choose a unique dress with no additional details, such as a satin one. On the contrary, if you want to stress your feminine side, a silk dress with lace details will be perfect for you.

Formal Masquerade Ball: Tips on wearing a flawless outfit

Go for elegant shoes

Have you ever been in agony because of your too tight shoes or too high heels? If you have, you are familiar with this annoying and painful feeling. Therefore, you need to pick shoes that are not too high and that will help you stand and dance whole night.

When picking the shoes for the masquerade, make sure that they go well with your dress. Since the event is formal, you need to choose shoes that are simple and sexy at the same time. Almond-toe or platform pumps could be one of possible ideas for they are stable and comfortable enough. Another solution could be peep-toe d’Orsay platform that will make you feel as sexy as hell.

Formal Masquerade Ball: Tips on wearing a flawless outfit

Choosing dazzling accessories

Since your dress needs to be neutral and formal, it is the killer accessories that will make it special. The choice of the jewelry depends on the choice of your mask. In most cases, it is considered that wearing a mask and a lot of jewelry at the same time is unstylish. Therefore, pick some elegant earrings or a necklace that will fill the combination perfectly.

When it comes to the choice of a purse, it is quite simple. For such an occasion, you should definitely do for an amazing clutch. Pick the one which matches with your shoes and accessories. The slight contrast between your clutch and dress could spice the entire outfit up.

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How to wear makeup?

Applying the makeup for a masquerade can be very tricky, especially when it comes to your eyes. You need to choose waterproof and long-wear eyeshadow that won’t smudge when you take your mask off. Also, make sure that the shadow matches your mask. For example, if the mask is golden, you should choose warmer nuances, such as brown or beige shadow.

The entire makeup for such an evening depends on your mask, again. Similarly to the jewelry, your makeup mustn’t distract the attention away from your mask. Therefore, apart from paying special care to your eyes, you need to think carefully what kind of lipstick you want to wear. Both classical red lipstick and some more neutral shades could look amazing when combined with the rest of your outfit.

Formal Masquerade Ball: Tips on wearing a flawless outfit

What hairstyle is most appropriate?

There is no strict rule that could exactly determine what kind of hairstyle you should wear. Since you will wear the mask, an updo could be the best solution for it will make your hair away from your face. There are numerous amazing ideas, from chic French twist to an elegant bun.

Formal Masquerade Ball: Tips on wearing a flawless outfit

Pick a unique mask

In the end, here is the most prominent element of every masquerade -the sole mask. When choosing it, you need to be very careful. Firstly, you need to choose a more practical one. Since you want to drink and dance freely, you should choose an eye mask with satin ties. It’s both elegant and practical.

Their sole design depends on your tastes. There is a wide choice of numerous masks, from quite simple to glittery and feathered ones. If you don’t want to depend on your mask for the entire evening, you could also make your perfect mask with your makeup. If you are uncertain what kind of mask you really want, you should check costumes online, where you can get some great ideas.

Creating the perfect outfit for a formal event, especially when it is masquerade themed, is not simple at all. Following these tips, you will manage to find a perfect combination that will make you feel sexy and confident.


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