Great Winter Vacations For 2017

Are you looking for some excitement for this winter? Do you want to find a way to make your vacation time more memorable? Have you ever thought of going white water rafting in Colorado? Rocky Mountain White Water Rafting has three types of rafting tours depending on your experience and skill level with beginner, intermediate, and advanced trips. Join a skilled guide that will enhance your experience with local knowledge, tips, and insight that makes your time in Colorado more memorable.

Services Provided by Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting

  • Experienced guides with CPR and First Aid training
  • Rafts and oars
  • Life vests and other safety equipment
  • Transportation to and from the water
  • Splash jackets, footwear, and wetsuits
  • Every level of rafting experience from beginner to expert
  • Fun, exciting, and memorable excursions
  • Beginner rafting trips

The Clear Creek Beginner Course is an excellent choice for families with young children age five and over. This trip gives your family the chance to see Big Horn Sheep, the Argo Gold Mine and Mill, and the Charlie Taylor waterwheel as you float past Idaho Springs, an old mining town in the area. Go through the course at a gradual speed that is safe for young children and those that have no swimming skills.

Intermediate Rafting

For those of you with some experience with white water rafting, and families with older children, the Clear Creek Intermediate trip is more exciting with rapids that lift you out of your seat and threaten to put you out of the boat. The trip starts off slow, and then quickly speeds up in the Phoenix rapids before cresting at the Deliverance area. The rafting winds down with the Outer Limits rapids and a trip past Idaho Springs where the old mine is still visible.

Experience the Ultimate White Water Rafting Excursion

For those over the suggested age of 15 with prior rafting experience, excellent swimming abilities, and good shape, we recommend the Clear Creek Advanced rafting experience where we begin at Upper and Lower Beaver Falls before heading to several sections like Deep Hell and Hell’s Corner. Maneuver treacherous corners, steep dives, and fight 100 mph rapids to stay in your seat.

Things You Should Bring On Your Rafting Trip

  • Quick drying clothing made from items like fleece, wool, or polypropylene – Do not wear cotton socks
  • Sandals with heel straps or tennis shoes – slip on shoes and flip flops are not allowed
  • Protective sunwear with a strap
  • Bottle water
  • Sunscreen because the reflection of the sun’s rays off from the snow and ice contains dangerous UV rays
  • Hat
  • Waterproof camera or phone
  • Towel for each person
  • Change of clothes and shoes for each participant

Grab your best buds or treat your family to a winter trip they are sure to remember forever. Reserve one of our Rocky Mountain White Water Rafting Trips today by clicking here or calling 303-900-4802. Your holidays will never be the same when you see how much fun you can have on a winter rafting excursion through the majestic Idaho Springs area.

This article, Colorado’s top vacation destinations this summer, was written by Ryan Thomas for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.


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