Honey – The Absolute Pinnacle of Natural Skin Care

Honey is a sweet yellowish fluid created by bees from the nectar of flowers. It is one of the most valuable beauty aids, and has been popularly used by most women. Honey contains sugars, waxes and is a natural moisturizer. When applied to skin, it promotes very soothing effect being an anti-irritant. You can find honey as an important constituent in many beauty products available in your nearest, much loved beauty store. Many of these products are somewhat expensive, but they can be simply made at home.

Here are some of honey beauty tips, and be sure to apply honey on your sensitive skin:

Honey mask

Wash your face with clean water, dry it and apply pure honey to your face. Permit it to lay down until dry. It may make 15-20 minutes, and once dry, clean and wash your face with warm water. This honey mask provides a fair and soothing effect on your skin.

Body glow bath

Keep a container of honey in your bathroom in order to make your body glow. Simply apply honey on your body and stroke dry by means of both hands. While stroking your skin, the honey will smoothly pull up your skin and become somewhat sticky. When you have completed, rinse away the honey with clean water. You will amazingly get a good circulation and gorgeous, shimmering skin.

Honey bath

Add a small cup of honey to your bath water. Make a habit of daily bathing with honey. You are going to get a lovable aroma and very soft skin.

Honey scrub

Take one teaspoon of honey, add some almond flour and mix the same into your palm. Soothingly apply on your face as a honey facial scrub. Leave it for some few minutes, and rinse your face with warm water, so as to remove that honey scrub.


Facial cleanser

Take some milk powder; add one teaspoon of honey and mix the same into the palm of your hand. Simply apply on your face so as to remove dirt and clean away makeup. Afterwards, then rinse with warm water and clean your face. Honey acts a natural face cleanser, and you will get a smoother and an attractive skin.

Shining Hair

In order to get shining hair, make a mixture of one teaspoon of honey, fresh lemon squeeze, and one small cup of warm water. While bathing, shampoo your hair as normal and after that pour the prepared honey mixture on your hair. Take some time and allow your hair to dry. There is no need to rinse out the honey mixture. Within some days of regular usage, you will get an attractive and well-shining hair.

Skin toner

To get smooth and fair skin, gently moisturize your skin with a combination of peeled, cored apple and one tablespoon of honey. Apply honey mixture on your face and permit it to stay behind for 15-20 minutes. After that rinse your face with clean and warm water, and remove the honey mixture.

You can definitely create inexpensive spa-like products at home with the help of above beauty tips. Honey is a magnificent beauty product, and be sure to purchase 100% pure honey to get amazing effects on your delicate skin.

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