How Easy Meditation Can Be?

For some of us meditation, seems to be very challenging – not checking texts, emails and calling friends but just relaxing and observing the thoughts in mind, seems to be the hardest task to attempt. A single thought of meditation can push many of us into a defensive mode.

Have you ever thought why this is so? Does meditation really have to be a tough affair to be involved in or it is just as easy as playing with a ball? You may have seen children in a park completely lost in their own world, which is actually their world of meditation. They are living and enjoying their present moment. This is what meditation is all about. Now, doesn’t it sound easy?

Just follow the below listed steps and you will feel more comfortable for an understanding and practicing the meditation.

Choose a comfortable seat, breathe with eyes closed:

The simple yet the most important thing in meditation is the comfortable seat. If you will not be comfortable in the first step, you won’t be able to complete the journey. So to be more comfortable. You may use pillows, blankets or props to make you comfortable and attain the posture easily. Close your eyes and allow the eyes muscles to relax and soften. Turn your gaze inward and breathe as comfortably as you can.

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Be Calm, Relaxed and Still

Feel your physical body. Feel you are in lap of mother earth and forces of gravity hugging and grounding you towards earth. Assume that your spine is lengthening and taking you in to the sky. Let your organs soften and relax. Perhaps you may feel the spaciousness around the internal organs which relaxes you more. Soften the body parts which you feel are gripping and tight and expand the parts which are soft and relaxed. Let you body release unnecessary tension as much as possible to make your tense parts and soft parts indistinguishable. Breathe naturally.

Observe but don’t involve with thoughts of mind

Allow yourself to witness the inner world full of thoughts, past impressions and future plans. Don’t get involved just witness them as you are watching a movie which has a beginning and an end. In much the same way, thoughts will come and go. Do not let them disturb you. Slowly, the gap between the end and rise of a new thought will widen and in this gap you will get a space for yourself where you can realize your true self through meditation.

More than anything else, take meditation as a blessing for you and make it your daily affair. It will unveil a great peace, joy and connection between your mind and body and soul.

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