How Much Protein is Enough Protein for Muscle Growth?

You know what they used to believe in ancient times? That protein is the ‘miracle food’ which will make you incredibly strong and powerful. And in the last sixty years or so, bodybuilders and strength trainers advocated intake of huge amounts of whole milk, eggs and meat combined with protein supplements: protein powders and shakes are everywhere, all you have to do is reach for them and you will instantly get muscle mass.

50 shades of protein

Before supplements came along, where did people find protein? As we already mentioned, there were always eggs, meat and milk. But you will have to understand that there are two types of protein to be found in nature: complete proteins, coming from animal sources and incomplete proteins, coming from plant sources. Complete proteins can provide all of the essential amino acids, while incomplete can often lack one or more. Our bodies more readily use animal proteins for muscle growth and cellular repair. The biological value of, for example, eggs is 100%, beef 80% and beans less than 50%. Your body will have better use of the high quality proteins than of those lower quality ones. This doesn’t mean that you should stop eating grains and nuts – combining more incomplete proteins can give you the same results as complete proteins.

optimal protein intake for muscle growth

The really enough

How much do you need? Step on a scale and be honest with yourself about your workout habits. Depending on the number of days a week you work out and the amount of time you spend doing it, an average man would need between up to 1 gram per pound. The best way to keep track of the amount of protein you are taking in is to use protein supplements. If you use them, you will know the exact amount and you can follow your progress with more accuracy. Anyway, you could only benefit from eating more than the recommended daily amount. It’s more to that than just muscles – protein suppresses appetite and can help heart disease and diabetes. However, if your goal is to gain weight, you might want to add some proteins to the fat and carbs you’re consuming simply to get your calories up.

Do play with your food

You can do some research about foods which complement each other. That way, the right amount of protein will be on your plate.  You will be able to create a perfectly balanced meal with the proper proportions of proteins. By doing that, you will provide your body with all of the essential amino acids necessary for it to function properly. No matter if you want to lose weight, burn fat or build muscle, aim to consume approximately your bodyweight in grams of protein daily. Our advice: try to keep track of the amount of protein you take in. Even so, we are aware that no one can know for sure, there will always be immeasurable nuances. Try not to deprive yourself of the extra proteins because no, that extra won’t wreck your kidneys


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