How to Influence Your Kids: What are Best Role Models?

It is true that modern cinema can corrupt the minds of the youth in a much greater extent tan it used to in the past. But this need not be like this – that is, negative. What if we shifted the paradigm and looked for better things and took cinema characters as role models for our kids? Let’s see what good guys have to offer.

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, The Big Bang Theory – This character, played by Johnny Galecki, is the glue that holds the party together. He is a brilliant scientist trying to find a soul mate in the most amazing way – with respect and mutual understanding. He is a living proof of how good qualities can positively influence other people and bring them together, so he may be one of the most perfect role models for your kid.


  • Terry Crews, Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Even though he looks tough, this great sportsman and ex-NFL player is not a stereotypical macho guy. He reveals about himself that he is a feminist, does not prefer the so called ‘man code’ and treating women like trophies, so he may be one of the positive characters in the TV area which will influence your kid’s behaviour positively.


  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – This astrophysicist is both charming, intelligent, has a gift of explaining complex concepts in a really down-to-earth terms which almost anyone can understand. He made a personal and professional career of “going against the grain”.


  • Ash Ketchum, Pokemon – This character goes from being stubborn and childish amateur into becoming a patient Pokemon trainer whose strategies are wise, so your kids can learn to be perseverant and loyal friends from him.


  • Daniel Tiger, Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood – This character is the right one for your preschooler if you want him to learn only the best things – how to be loyal, compassionate, and emotionally flexible.


  • Spiderman – What your kids can learn from this character is to be a good guy who uses his super powers only for doing good things to other people. What they will also learn from him is that they should listen to other people’s advice, like he does with Aunt May.


  • Harry Potter – Even though Harry is not a superhero, he’s got superpowers all right. He is the defender of all good, he fought evil from his earliest age and is good with his sidekicks – Ron and Hermione. He takes their advice and does what his heart says, always saving lives and bringing people to the good guy club.


  • Iceman – What your kids can learn from this character is to be brave enough to speak to their family and talk about unimaginable things, just like Iceman did when he told his parents he is a mutant. Even though some psychologists think that he can send a message to marginalised groups to fit in to the mainstream, he is a character that will teach your kid to be tolerant and to accept himself as he is – one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.


And finally, if you want your kids do develop in the right way, you can direct them from their earliest age. For example, if you have noticed that they particularly like a certain movie character that you find approving at the same time, you can try this trick. Surprise your kid on their birthday by hiring an animator dressed as their favourite superhero from the Superheroes agency and let things work on their own. You can also monitor them and see what they like best from those characters and give further advice on how to behave.


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