How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Straightening

We are all familiar with the process of hair straightening using a flat iron. When heat is applied to hair, the disulphide bonds between keratin is broken and this allows hair to temporarily take-up a new shape. In our case, it the “straight” shape. But, heat also damages the hair by damaging the outer-most layer and the inner layers. Simple and easy steps can be taken during straightening to reduce the thermal damage.

How much heat to apply during straightening

The amount of heat required for hair straightening depends on the hair type. Thin hair requires lesser heat than thick hair. Since heat is detrimental to the hair’s general health, one should always try to use the absolute minimum heat during straightening.

Always use a thermal protection spray/cream

Thermal protection sprays create a protective layer on hair and minimize the heat damage. When the spray clings to the hair, it reduces the pores and cracks on the outer cuticle layer. Hair with a smooth cuticle layer reflects a lot of light and hence it gives the impression that it is glowing or shining.

Never straighten wet hair

The temperature of a flat iron can be above 200°C which is above the boiling point of water. So, when wet hair is passed through a hot flat iron, it will literallu boil the water in the hair. This causes a lot of damage to the cuticle and the cortex layers of hair and in extreme cases might cause bubble hair which will result in weak hair. Weak hair easily breaks during brushing and results in hair fall.

Always choose a good hair straightener

A hair straightener should always be of high quality. Ceramic and tourmalline coated plates are better than metallic plates as they produce negative ions which reduce the frizziness of hair. A Hair straightener should allow you to choose the temperature you prefer. Hence, it should have temperature control such that the lowest required temperature can be used. Many such features are listed in the best hair straightener article. The website cozyindianhome lists a wide array of products required for every Indian home.

Hair straightening is necessary for straight and beautiful hair. And following the required precautions can keep your hair safe and healthy. After all, there is nothing more important than the goodness of your hair.



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