How To Lose Weight Without A Diet?

Worlds famous dieticians advise how to reduce your meals to speed up your metabolism , burn calories to and get the desired line .
Experts say that the secret to losing weight is to accelerate the metabolism , so if you follow these tips , you can lose weight every week without dieting .

Eat breakfast

” We found that there is a connection between breakfast and the number of calories that you burn ,” says Cynthia Finley , a dietitian at ” Johns Hopkins ‘ Center in Lutervil .

” Eat in the first hour after waking up . Believe me , the small breakfast helps to lose weight. Combine proteins and carbohydrates, for example , eat wheat cornflakes with milk and a banana .

Consume dairy products

” Dairy products increase the muscle mass , which burns more fat in the body ,” explains Dr. Michael Zemel , professor of medicine and dietetics at the University of Tennessee .

His research showed that people who consumed dairy products three times a day and their daily intake of calcium was 900 mg , had reduced body fat and increased muscle mass . Those who received about 300 mg calcium daily had no changes in fat and muscle mass.


Destroy the fat with fat

Omega – 3 fatty acids may boost the metabolism , as well as the proteins . If your daily includes fish , which is rich in these acids , you can lose a pound in a week – was concluded in a study and was published in the ” Journal of the American diet .” The leaders of the study recommended to eat 40-60 grams . salmon , mackerel or sardines for lunch or dinner 2-3 times a week .

Another tip :

Add one tablespoon of flax oil in salad , which is the real source of omega – 3 fatty acids , or 2-6 grams fish oil .

Speed ​​up your metabolism with protein

” Proteins stimulate the combustion mechanism of calories ,” says Jennifer Vorkman , dietitian and the author of ” Prevent the desire for food .”

Vorkman explains that our metabolism will slow down if we do not eat proteins . So with each meal we should consume at least 40-60 grams proteins . Healthy sources of protein are eggs , fish and meat . You can eat many fruits , vegetables , and whole-grain bread with Whole grain cereals .

Follow these tips and you will speed up your metabolism and you will soon get the desired line . Start Today!


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