How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Even though sunbathing can be fun and relaxing, exposure to the Sun can be also fatal if you do not do it in phases. Not only can it damage your skin, but too much UV radiation can cause cancer cells to develop. Without the right protection it is often best to stay out of the Sun, so that you do not damage your skin.

How Long To Stay Outside?

Your body will need the Sun to convert it into useful vitamin D, but that will usually not take more than a couple of hours a day. Even then, try to be careful, because the Ozone layer’s protection is not what it used to be, so more sunlight could hurt you over time. If you are going out without any protection, try to be open to direct sunlight as little as possible, because it could cause redness, which means that your top skin layer is being destroyed.

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Apply Sunscreen

Whether it is summer or winter, the UV rays of the Sun can still hurt you. Putting on sunscreen is important, and you will have to pay attention to the factor your skin will need. Moreover, be careful because some sunscreens can absorb and not reflect the Sun’s rays, which can actually cause more damage, if you have sensitive skin. Try to avoid chemical sunscreens though, as they might irritate your skin too much.

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UV Rays Can Cause Cancer

Worst case scenario is that after you spend a lot of time in the Sun without protection, you find your skin to be itchy and inflamed all the time, which could be one of the signs of skin cancer. Intensive UV rays could help promote the growth of cancer cells, and once you do get it, expect a hard therapy to slow it down. Nevertheless, wearing protective clothing can help a lot, even if during warmer days, as it could still be potentially dangerous.

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Do Not Forget To Hydrate

Your skin will not only suffer direct damage from the Sun, if exposed too much, but it will lose a lot of water, making the cells less responsive and more vulnerable. It will be very important that you start drinking a lot of water, before, after and especially while you are out in the Sun. Staying hydrated is necessary if you want your body to function properly, and if you want to avoid any permanent damage on your skin.

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Secure Your Backyard from Too Much Sun

Going outside for a walk in your garden, or just trying to sit back and enjoy yourself can be fun, but if you have to deal with a lot of Sun, you could suffer. Though, by browsing from the many shade sails available online, you will be able to find one which will perfectly cover your backyard, and help you reduce the effects of the Sun. Do not forget to get a material that will block UV rays, but still stay porous, as it will be needed so that the wind does not blow it away.

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Protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the Sun does not have to seem like too much trouble, because you will have to be careful and pay attention to what you wear, and whether you applied sunscreen or not. On the other hand, you will have to make sure that you do everything in order to help your skin stay safe and hydrated, otherwise, you might expose yourself even more than you would have to, which could hurt your skin in the long run.


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