Is It Safe to Use Cleaning Products During Pregnancy?

Environmental hazards are probably one of the main concerns of the world today. This especially goes for kids and expectant mothers. Not every pregnant woman can afford paying for help, so she has to do most of the things around the house herself. This is when most mothers start worrying whether the products they are using are harmful for their unborn child and them.

So, to put all pregnant women doubts aside, we are writing about ways to best use cleaning products and ways to prevent damage.

First, for those wandering whether it is absolutely harmful to use cleaning products, we can assure you it is not. However, there are certain precautions you need to take.

It’s all pretty easily solved, though – make sure your home has proper ventilation in the room as this will increase the circulation of clean air. Also, it is also important to wear a long sleeved shirt or a coat and gloves to prevent contact with your skin and overall reduce contact with chemicals as much as possible.

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Here’s what to do:

       1. Labels are everything

No, this time around we’re not talking about those big fabulous labels like Chanel, Gucci, etc. but rather the small ones you need to pay attention to when you are buying a certain chemical product.
The key words to look out for in the label are: toxic, danger, poison and corrosive.

These indicate that the cleaning product may be harmful. This is why it is strongly advised to avoid cleaning agents! Particularly, these warnings go for oven cleaners, for toilet bowl cleaners, rug and drainage cleaners. If you have been using these same products for a long time, even before you got pregnant – they are now not safe anymore. Consider going for non-toxic ones.

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  1. Keep those windows open

It is extremely important to keep windows wide open when you are cleaning as this way you are letting fresh air come in and neutralize the cleaning product smell. Fresh air helps eliminate the amount of toxic vapors in the room. When cleaning the bathroom, always run your exhaust fan along with the windows open. This should be done at all times when you are cleaning. Leave the fan on for about 15 minutes to half an hour after you’ve cleaned the space.

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        3. Protect your skin

Wearing gloves and protective coat or long sleeve shirts and pants is really important. This way you’ll protect your skin against toxins. Even though your skin got used to a certain product while you weren’t with a child, it now may cause some unpleasant itching, inflammation and redness. You can also develop dermatitis if you are not too careful.
Some products that could bring about this problem include: chlorine, dyes, detergents, bleach and fragrances, all of which are found in everyday cleaning products.

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  1. Make your own cleaning products

    You wouldn’t believe how easy, fast, safe and inexpensive is to make your own cleaning products!
    Substances most often used for this purpose are baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, borax and club soda.

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Recipe one: Mix water and white vinegar in equal ratios to have a great cleaning solution for your countertops and tiles.

Recipe two: Baking soda is absolutely fantastic! It’s good for cleaning, clogged drains, mold… almost anything you imagine! For instance, to unclog drains, use two teaspoons of baking soda /place them directly onto the sink-hole/ and pour hot boiling water over it in one quick motion. Magic happens!

Recipe three: Hydrogen peroxide can be substituted for bleach. Mix one part with eight parts water.

Recipe four: Use borax as a disinfectant, a natural bleaching agent, deodorizer and dirt remover. You can combine 2 teaspoons of white vinegar, mixed with non-toxic liquid soap and 1 teaspoon of borax to clean almost any surface at home.

Recipe five: Use club soda to remove stains from your carpets. Use it as a polisher, too!

If you are not just an expecting mom but a mom who’s already got kids and doesn’t want their health endangered by the toxins, it’s important you use some preventive measures so they stay safe.

  1. Don’t let your children touch or play with cleaning products
  2. Keep cleaning products stashed away in a locked cabinet/bottom cabinet so the children don’t get curious
  3. For toxic waste, hire rubbish removal company from Sydney
  4. When you are cleaning/or you have somebody cleaning your place, don’t let your children be around

There have many reports linking cleaning chemicals to respiratory problems in newborns, so it’s up to you to handle the use of cleaning products properly.


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