Know Your Color – How To Choose The Right Bag For Your Skin Tone

Although the idea that every woman has a specific cold or warm skin tone is widely recognized by stylists and make-up artists, many women do not know what is their skin tone and how to choose colors, which correspond with their skin undertones. There are many misconceptions about colors, which are recommended for women with a warm or cold skin tone, therefore before we move on to discussing the best colors for women with different skin undertones, let’s first deal with some of the most common myths.

Myth 1: All pale girls have cold skin tone; all dark skin girls have warm skin tone

Contrary to a common notion, there are not two, but four different skin tones: pale cold skin tone; pale warm skin tone; dark cold skin tone and dark warm skin tone. Just because you have a pale or dark skin, it does not mean that you have cold or warm skin tone. Pale skin can have warm undertones and dark skin can have a cold hue. How to check which is your type of skin? We recommend the following simple tests: first of all, consider the type of foundation, which best fits your skin tone. If your foundation has pink undertones, you probably have a cold skin tone. If your face looks best with peachy foundation on, you have a warm skin tone. However, some women use a wrong shade of foundation, so how to determine which one is right for your type of skin? Check the color of veins on your forearm: blue veins indicate that you have a cold skin tone, while greenish veins are typical of warm skin tone.


Myth 2: Women with cold/warm skin tones can only wear a few specific colors

Women with warm and cold skin tones can wear almost all basic colors, but they should choose different hues. Cold shades of colors and striking, bold colors will look better on women with cold skin tone, while warm, peachy colors look better on women with warm skin tone. How to know whether a specific shade is cold or warm? The best way to check it is to put the color next to a typical warm shade, for example yellow or peachy color. Check whether both colors have similar warm or cold undertones. Once you have positively recognized your skin tone and learned how to find cold and warm shades of colors, it is time to apply this new knowledge to original handmade bags.


The best handbags for your skin tone

Women with cold skin will look best with pretty clutches or handbags in bold shades of red, blue, pink or black & white. Nude colors are also recommended for women with cold skin tone. If you want to buy a brown handbag, look for a model in a dark, cold shade. If you have a warm skin, most brown, orange and yellow handbags will complement your skin tone. Additionally, you can also check warm hues of red or green. Black and white are not necessarily your colors, so use them in moderation.

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