Koko Kollection is back with a Bang!

What could be better than hearing the all-time famous, Kylie Jenner, announce that her beloved Koko Kollection is making a loud comeback? There is no doubt in the fact that lipsticks are the favorite make-up products of women all over the world.

Kylie lipkits uae became wildly successful soon after its launch and the best part is that it can be shipped to whichever part of the world you belong to. The Koko Kollection is namely the most wanted liquid lipsticks, which have recently been restocked due to the increased public demand.

The 3 matte liquid lipsticks of the Koko Kollection; Okurrr, Gorg, and Khlo$, are the ultimate must-haves for all females. The glossy lipstick added to this vibrant-shaded range is Damn Gina, which is an exceptional shimmery gloss that suits every skin-tone. So, don’t miss out on this unique yet bold blend of lip colors. Furthermore, these lipsticks are manufactured keeping in mind the structure and condition of lips throughout the year, so that you can wear it during winter or summer.

koko collection

The long-lasting soothing effect of these fabulous lipsticks will never let your lips dry, and will surely remain put even if you eat or drink. In addition to that, you never have to tell the other person which brand you’re wearing as the individuality of the Kylie lipkits are matchless. You can wear any one of these lip colors regardless of the color of the dress that you are wearing.

A red burgundy wine shade, Gorg, is a shade that has never been seen or worn by women before. On the other hand, Okurrr is the bold fuchsia color that can be effortlessly carried with any dress type. Even if you’re not a pro when it comes to make-up, you can outstandingly apply it without leaving any room for mistakes whatsoever. The ultimate blend of vitamin E in these liquid lipsticks is just what the lips need in order to stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the time you have it on.

When we discuss the shade Khlo$, most ladies get freaked out when they hear that it gives out nude yellow hue, whereas, that is the beauty of it. The pigmentation of the Koko Kollection is what keeps bringing the customers back to it. Last but not the least, Damn Gina is definitely the tone that brings out your skin color. You don’t need a heavy foundation coverage or the perfect contoured face to wear any of these liquid lipsticks, as it can work with or without make-up, and even without liner.

Get indulged in the royal Kylie-like feeling with these phenomenal lip colors that can be worn at any occasion and any time of the day. Whether if it’s a party or a casual office meeting, Kylie’s Koko Kollection has your back to cater to your lipstick concerns. So don’t miss out on these fantastic mix of lip colors and order your Koko Kollection kit today to enhance your lipstick-game!


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