Large pores and oily skin gives you trouble? Try this new white wine home remedy!

Large pores and oily skin gives you trouble? Try this new white wine home remedy!

If those skin problems sound familiar to you and you are not completely satisfied with the effect numerous cosmetics you tried had on your skin, it was high time you tried something different. So, did some pharmaceutical company come up with a evolutional formula that has miraculous skin effect, unlike any other you used? No. We are talking about something that had been in use for millenniums and lays at hand. Keep reading.

Wine is the answer. You have probably already heard something about how drinking wine has a positive effect on your health. Moderate drinking, of course. On top of that, it has a great influence on what your skin looks like. The trick is the antioxidants that exist in it and which are the best antidotes for free radicals and their role in aging process and age-related diseases. Will grape juice do as well? No, the skin and seeds are the essential parts fermenting wine, but are removed while making grape juice. Additionally, moderate wine drinking reduces stress, another aging factor. However, the potential benefits form wine do not end here. The most important benefit that wine can have on your skin face are various face treatments that are made based on it.


Both types are great for skin, of course. Antioxidants exist in both, with higher concentration present in the red one. Therefore, if you want to soften and reduce wrinkles and fine lines go with red wine. On the other hand, if your prime concerns are large pores, white wine is more suitable. It is also very effective when it comes to problems with dry and sensitive skin. On the other hand, oily skin is best treated with red wine remedies.


Another great thing about wine based facial treatments is that they can easily be made and, with a little time and practice, you can practically Do It Yourself. On top of that, these masks or lotions are budget friendly, require very little ingredients and you do not have to use expensive wines, all of them basically have similar effects. Plus, you will usually need not more than a couple of spoonfuls of wine per treatment.


Obviously, you will need wine. A bottle will suffice for more than a year of normal use. Lemon is also often used, so buy it regularly, the fresher the better. If you want to use the same treatment several days, or even weeks, you will need vinegar too, a small bottle will last very long.

Before applying any kind of mask or other type of facial treatment, you need to prepare your face. A thoroughly cleaned face is the best foundation for any kind of treatment, so dedicate enough time and attention to this first step. Steaming after cleansing is a great aid, too.


The best recipe involves the use of sweet white wine. Being astringent by nature it causes contraction of body tissue, especially skin. The recipe is very simple: use six table spoons (tbsp) of sweet white wine, three tbsp of lemon juice, three tbsp of vinegar, one egg white (has a great cleansing and nutritive effect) and a drop of aloe vera (cools the skin). Mixed them good and you are ready to go. Apply them on your face using an ordinary makeup brush. Leave it on about 20 minutes and wash it with tepid water. Dry your face with soft cloth and you are done. Easy as that. You cam repeat it every day, or when the need arouses.


Basically, use the same recipe and sequence of actions as with the large pores treatment, only with red wine as the main ingredient instead of the white one.


After you achieved the results you wished for and your skin is beautiful and natural, there is nothing better you could do for your skin but to continue with regular treatments. Only, this time use three tbsp of white and red wine and usual quantities of other ingredients.

These simple home made remedies will be surprisingly helpful in reducing your facial skin problems. They are cheap, easily made and very effective, there really is not anything else you need.


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