Life-Changing Tips for Mixing Prints You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard about millions of dos and don’ts for mixing prints. You know what? Forget all about them. They’re usually dated, boring and limiting. And that’s not what fashion is about. You want your style to reflect who you are and to be a statement. You won’t be able to do that by wearing plane white shirt and black and white striped pants. You need to take some risk and play with colors and prints. Playing this game may be a little complicated and in some ways intimidating. Fear not dear ladies, we’ll help you to stay on the winning side with a couple of tips and tricks.

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Start with the basics

Until you get enough courage to play around with shapes and patterns, we advise you to start simple. And the best way to do that is to start with the fashion “baby steps” – black and white. This combination is the best choice for some formal meetings and for work in general. When choosing clothing pieces unrelated to prints, opt for simple and elegant pieces. As for patterns, here you shouldn’t go overboard. After all, you are aiming for feminine stylishness. Black blazer (even sleeveless for summer days) is a perfect piece to make your outfit work-appropriate. Combine it with elegant white shorts. At the end have fun with lightweight blouse with the pattern of your choice (polka dots, diagonal stripes, etc).

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Cocktail of prints

Ready to walk on the wild side? Now it’s your turn to go all the way with creating a fusion of different and fun patterns. Turn on your everyday stylish mode and find several clothing pieces with drastically different patterns. If this sounds a little scary to you, don’t worry, you can tone it down by keeping it all “in the family”. Have a central color theme that will tie it all together. For example, if you choose lightweight pink pants with black heart prints, you can pair it up with chiffon blouse with black and white stripes and pink flowers. Tie the look together with black pumps and a white blazer.

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Brighten up!

If you want chic and colorful outfit it’s time to opt for brighter colors to paint your day with. And there is no better color to add a little energy into your day than bright red. Finding a red patterned blazer would be a great thing, wouldn’t it? There are great designer clothing boutiques, where you can find such interesting pieces. Since you’re already spend your risk points, that will be enough prints for this time. You can pair up your fierce blazer with deep blue skirt.

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Be the party queen

When you’re going out with your friends, you want all eyes to be on you. There is no better way to attract attention then mixing patterns and fabrics for an ultimate party outfit. Fluffy ruffle skirt is always a great choice for a night out, and if you choose to combine it with a black and white striped blouse, you’ve got yourself a winner. All you’ve had left is to accessorize, put on your party shoes and dance the night away.

Now, put are words into action, mix and match and have a blast!


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