Looking to Find The Man of Your Dreams? Maybe This Guide Will Help!

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It’s funny that we’ve entered the time where we all need a carefully planned out tactic, a guide and advice from anyone who’s made it to tell us how to find the man of our dreams. It seems like it was all so simple before – you meet someone, you hit it off or you don’t. And you take it from there.

In today’s word that beaming with various opportunities to meet The One, it appears that doing just that is harder than anything. You can find a perfect job, a perfect apartment, great friends… but when it comes to finding your heart’s desire – the problem is evident.

After careful observation of the “love market”, we’ve put together a guide that will help any confused soul out there to come closer to finding the man of their dreams.

1. Know who you are and who you want

And while this may seem a rather, in lack of better word, stupid advice it’s probably the best you’ll get any  time soon. The biggest mistake women make when it comes to choosing their partner is going for anything that flies. Loneliness can be a tough card to play and often, feeling desperate, we go for the first guy who wants us, thinking “okay, this is not that bad, he’ll change”. He won’t change and nor will you. You’ll both end up feeling terrible about your relationship. This is why, before you say “yes” to a relationship, know what the profile of a person you want is. Is he someone who makes you laugh? Does he share the same passion for helping the poor around the world? Is he a successful business person? Is he an emotional guy?

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Know who you are and what you’ve got to offer. Once you start valuing yourself and your qualities, you’ll start understanding that you DESERVE to have what your heart wants. And once you learn and understand this, everything will change for you.

2. Know where to look

If you know you are interested in, say, corporate guys – don’t expect to find your soul mate in a hipster-vintage shop. Honestly. This has nothing to do with prejudice, prestige or any other thing. It’s simply logical. Go to places you know are likely to be of interest for people you are interested in. Assuming you are looking to meet someone of same or similar interests to you, this “hunt” won’t be that difficult. Just go to places pleasing to your heart, and you are likely to bump at the man of your dreams.

3. Drop the game

Your mother has probably taught you that “hard to get” is the way to go. And it probably was the way to go in Emily Bronte’s time or her time, of that matter. Times have changed and romance, love and commitment are becoming so difficult to find. This has happened due to overall availability of everything – from easy sex to easy commitments, finding love has become the new Mount Everest. This is why “hard to get” is total nonsense now. If you go over and beyond to make your guy beg for it (and by it, I mean both love and sex) he’ll just give up and go someplace else. Can you blame him, really?

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Plus, the game is for players, boys and “studs” who are more into the chase and not you. You want a guy who wants you, no matter what.

I am not saying putting out on the first few dates, no way. I am saying being reasonable about both his and your expectations and letting go. Enjoy and let the excitement of meeting someone who may be your husband one day guide you.

4. You don’t always have to look

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but it’s true – once you stop looking, you’ll find him. The Universe works mysterious ways and you’ve got to believe it. If you are looking to find someone who will be your biggest heart’s desire, let the Universe set it up. Open yourself to various possibilities – you may meet your guy somewhere out, while partying with friends, in a bank queue, through an elite dating site, on a friend’s wedding, in the shop while buying groceries for the week… you honestly never know.

Finding someone to love is hard. If life was a Disney tale, it would all be super fun. However, life and love are more complicated than any fairy tale you were ever told. This is why you should create your own life after your personal beliefs and desires and enjoy every inch of it.


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