Most Ridiculous Celebrities Resume

Paris Hilton – The ridiculous „Princess“

Miss Hilton, who doesn’t know where to put all the wealth, wants to start making her own money. She is working very hard and she is less interested in partying, or at least, that’s what she says. But she loves appearing on the red carpet, though, she doesn’t even know why. She uses her famous “Paris look” to pose for the photographers. In order to earn her money, she is, in addition to acting and singing, addressing other businesses and soon she wants to launch a new fashion line for dogs.

Paris was involved in the very popular reality show „The Simple Life“, which preceded the film, that Paris made with her ex-boyfriend in “homemade production”. When the video went public, Paris sued her boyfriend, received the money and donated it to charity. She is well-known party maniac and sometimes, she earns $1 million per night. We can say whatever we want, but Paris, being one of the most ridiculous celebrities nowadays, turned partying into a serious career.

Donald Trump – The crazy President

Donald Trump announced that he’s going to run for president as a Republican and quickly came out as the front-runner for his party’s nomination. He is controversial, as are his statements. They are frequently the subject of criticism and condemnation, but, also the reason for his popularity growth. Is he crazy enough to be the new American President?

In the campaign for the President of America, Trump recently said that Muslims should be prohibited entering the United States. „ I have Muslim friends, they are very good men, but they know that the problem exists.“, said Trump in one of his speeches. He proposed closing of the borders for Muslim immigrants. This prohibition, in his opinion, would be in effect until “we understand what’s this all about.”

„The United States should seriously consider “shutting off” the Internet, to suppress the radical extremism“, said Trump, adding that he would, as the President of America, be able to persuade Bill Gates to “shut off the Internet”. That would, according to him, be a great way to stop jihadists, who recruit US citizens through the Internet, who then carry out “domestic terrorism.”

Mario Balotelli – The immature adult

One of the most ridiculous celebrities and football players of today is, undoubtedly, Mario Balotelli. He’s a man with unique personality and different approach to everything. For some, Mario is just an ordinary fool, for some, he’s a hopelessly immature child, but one thing is certain – he’s a great entertainer. He always surprises the public with some crazy stunts. Jose Mourinho once described Balotelli as a “player that’s impossible train”. He is an extremely unpredictable person. Although Mario has a tremendous talent, you never know whether you can expect a goal, an assist or a red card. He’s regarded as one of the best penalty shooters in the world.

There were many stupidities over the course of his career. In 2010, while he was still a member of Inter, Mario appeared in the satirical show Striscia La Notizia wearing a jersey of Milan, their biggest rival. While he was still young, his mother, once, asked him to buy some supplies. Balotelli, instead of food, he brought home a trampoline, two bicycles and a table for tennis, saying “These are my supplies.” In 2011, a video of him went viral. In the video, he is unable to equip a jersey and needs help from the staff.

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