Mother Nature’s Fat Burners

There’s no better way to lose weight than by using what Mother Nature gave us in the first place. Human body is designed to achieve best results when it’s nourished from nature and when a person follows their own biorhythm. What is best for us can be found in nature and only if we know how to use it will we be able to stay healthy, strong and reduce the risk of gaining too much fat.


Cinnamon shouldn’t be used only for baking. Try to remember that it helps regulating your blood glucose levels which means that it will decide how you will feel during the day, how energized you will be and will also help you fight cravings. A teaspoon of cinnamon a day will help with your weight loss. People use it instead of sugar because of its peculiar but pleasant aroma.



Remember Popeye and the effect spinach had on him? It is a children’s cartoon but there are many good sides of spinach to mention here. Not only it lowers the bad cholesterol, but it helps your body burn the extra fat. There are so many ways to prepare it and make a delicious meal out of it: salad of fresh spinach, quiche, soups and different sidings. It can be stored frozen so you can always have some at home.


Hot Peppers

Good news for all you lovers of hot and spicy food. Jalapenos, habaneros and chipotles will not only add great aroma to your meals, but their taste can help you with weight loss. They contain ingredients which relate to losing weight. And if you are not pushing too much, they might actually help prevent stomach problems since they are killing bacteria.

hot peppers

Herbal Teas

Practically everyone is aware that green tea has weight loss ‘power’. But did you ever try some alternatives? Instead, try drinking black tea, oolong tea or some herbal slimming tea for a change. The best weight loss tea is available online and you can easily order it. There natural herbal teas will boost your metabolism and help your liver burn fat more effectively. You should try drinking more than four cups per day and if it’s difficult for you to prepare it a few times a day, cook bigger amount of it at once and drink it from a water bottle.


Egg Whites

Eggs are incredible source of protein, and the problem seems to be the fat and cholesterol in the yolks. But research indicates that eating one or two eggs a day will not raise your cholesterol at all. Nevertheless, play it safe and get the benefit of the protein first, and when you get your weight to where you wanted it to be, start adding them back into the meals.


Maybe this way, the way of nature, is not as fast as some other alternatives which are offered to us in this modern era, but it is by far more effective and beneficial for your health and body. This is so because you will not force your body to adapt to artificial or strange ingredients. The results achieved in this way will be more visible and by far more lasting.


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