Natural and Eco-Friendly Fashion: Healthy Way to Beauty

The world we live in each day becomes even more and more polluted. Natural resources we use no longer satisfy our needs, so we turn to using artificial ones, which are cheaper, like plastic, polyester, and the like, thus destroying the planet and preventing ourselves to lead a normal and healthy life. This means accumulating garbage in the world of our children and other living beings. Natural resources are insufficiently used, so it is high time we changed this paradigm and turned to more environmentally friendly clothing and lifestyle. In order to make your closet more green, here are some reasons and tips why and how you should do it.

Natural organic beauty

Natural Means Healthy

Production process implies using fabric which is made from artificial materials and it implies the usage of great amounts of acids, toxic dyes, heavy metals, fixatives, and garment finishes which make your clothes free of wrinkles, or anti-bacterial. Even traces of pesticides which are left from agricultural processes can be found on the surface of clothes. On the other hand, the process of producing natural materials is not toxic and its use and disposal will not imply polluting the Earth.

And what is the most important of all production of eco-clothing does not imply using genetically modified seeds for organic cotton, or synthetic pesticides. Also, during the process of manufacturing, greenhouse gases do not end up in the atmosphere because carbon is stored in plant matter. Natural materials are also better for your skin, they don’t retain moisture, are breathable, don’t emit static electricity and are less likely to cause skin irritations like polyester.

Eco Fashion Movement

Eco-friendly clothing has become a trend not so recently, but is promising to reach a wide range of consumers. The fabric will be soft to the touch and you will want to wear them again and again because of that good feeling they provide you with. When you go shopping, make sure to ask shop assistants whether their clothing is environmentally friendly, and always check the labels to see from what kind of material the clothes were made. For example, bamboo clothing have a logo of a bamboo tree, which you can easily recognise and be sure the item was made from it. Or, if you see a label which says “Made with X % organic materials”, and if the percentage of fabric is between 70 and 95, the rest of it will be made from conversion materials or non-organic fibres, which is still good enough.

Amazing organic dresses

Also, you can shop online from trusted brands that have a meaningful story behind them. For example, People Tree’s organic dresses are gorgeous and unique and are made following the principles of Fair Trade, which is very important certification in organic and natural fashion. There should always be signs of agricultural and textile certifications which have a permission to produce them in accordance with the law.


Eco fashion does not imply using only natural materials, but many other things as well. For example, if your tear your favourite T-shirt, there is no need you dispose of it in garbage and quickly go to a store to replace it with a new expensive item. Instead, sew it and wear it proudly. Or, if your clothes no longer fit you, you can give them to your friend, or to charity. This way of recycling will reduce the need for constant production of new items and thus lead to lower consumption needs, and less pollution of the Earth. Reusing is saving.

Saving the Planet

organic cotton

Environmentally responsible manufacturers will know that the resources they use are not only good for their customers, but for the Earth as well. This is why consumers should have this in mind when shopping for a polyester T-shirt or a fluorescent yellow jacket. There are things which are more important than trends, and they should be the combination of good style and natural materials. Hippie fashion is one step from becoming haute couture, and it has a tendency to overwhelm the stores and lifestyles. It is on you to help it.


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