Natural Looking Bridal Makeup Tips

With the big day around the corner, you are probably out of your mind! No matter how panicked you are, I am sure you did everything right and everything’s under control – it’s just nerves, trust me! I got married two years ago, and felt the same way you do know – anxiety, fear, sweet expectation, thinking millions of thoughts in a second about the reception, the cake, your dress, the band, the photographer… ah, lovely days!

Once you’ve taken care of all that, it’s time to give yourself some space and think of what YOU need.

The dress is probably about to be finished or it’s already hanging in your closet, smiling at you, waiting to be worn and adored by your guests. The shoes are in check, the hairdresser booked… and, what is left is – makeup! If you are one of those girls who chooses to do her own makeup on big days, I totally get you! I did my makeup for my wedding and ended up looking gorgeous. I, though, had a little help – one of my best friends is a makeup artist so she’s given me some top advice on how to look stunning. This is why I’m writing this blog, hoping to help other lovely brides to look their best with just a few helpful tips. Read on!

1. Be yourself

Most brides opt for a radically different look than the one they wear on regular days. They somehow feel it’s their special day so they need to look absolutely flawless. Flawless, yes. Different? No. The key to any gorgeous makeup is to look like you, only better. You need to go with your regular face, only a bit enhanced. If you are a makeup junkie on regular days, stay it on your wedding day. If, though, you are wearing a little makeup on regular days – stick to it on your W-day also. You want to look you so your hubby can recognize you as you are walking down the isle.

2. Skin tone

The most important part of your makeup is your skin tone. It doesn’t really matter how quality your makeup is, or that you’ve done your eyes or lips perfectly if your skin isn’t healthy or you’ve used three times darker foundation than your regular skin tone.

My advice is booking a face appointment at your beautician about a week before the wedding. It’s important your skin is healthy, without pimples or breakouts so that the makeup can flow and you can look fresh. A week is enough for the face to adapt to changes. Once your face skin is treated well, you can move onto the makeup.

3. Don’t experiment

Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with the way you do your makeup. Go for what you know looks best on you. If you do want to experiment, though – do a few try-outs a few days before the wedding, just so you see which one fits you best. Then photograph each so you have a record and later weight on the look you want for your wedding day.

Further, when applying makeup, do it the way you always do. By now, you know your face best so it should come natural to you to apply makeup easily and well.

4. Eyes or mouth

Rule number one of any successful makeup artist is the perfect balance between eye and lip makeup. Meaning, if you are opting for enhancing your eyes with tones of mascara, eyeliner and/or eye shadow, choose a nude lip. If, however, you want your lips red, plump and desirable, opt for little eye makeup.

I’d suggest you take good care of your eyebrows – shape them like you usually do and fill them in with eyebrow shadow/pencil to get fuller look. Eyebrows will give a shape to your face and add to your overall makeup oomph. Also, for my wedding – I used fake lashes as mine are thin and not full enough. If your lashes are thick and full, then just use eyelash curler to make them look even better. Further, when choosing mascara – it’s understood you’ll go for waterproof and waterproof only! Weddings are such emotional (and hot, hot, hot) time so there’ll be a lot of tears… you need to be makeup ready for those!

Every wedding is a story for itself and we all try to make it look and feel like
us. From choosing the right wedding photographer, venue, band, makeup, decorations to inviting just the right people to make the event just right. But what it comes down to – is a lot of love, happiness and enjoyment!


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