Neutral Colors In Your Space

Do you think neutral colors are boring?

Of course, there’s always space for brighter colors in your life, but there are many good reasons to keep to the neutral colors for your interior. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. Actually, a peaceful, neutral background allows you to bring some very bold elements in your design that would normally look very flashy.

Here are the main reasons why to pick a simpler, neutral scheme of colors for your interior:

Neutral colors accent textures

In a room with textural elements a neutral background creates a pleasant atmosphere when mixed with warm textures like wooden elements, shiny shelves, silk too. If the walls are painted bright orange, for example, and then another bold color takes up a central part, the textural elements disappear in the background. That is not necessarily a bad thing when done right, but it can make a room look like it has no life, no layer and no texture.

Simply said, layers are the key for creating a warm, well designed space, and neutral colors allow you to create this space more easily. If you look at a simple bathroom in a neutral color scheme, a modern tub, shiny tiles, rustic wooden ladders will all be accented.

You will never grow tired of a neutral interior

Have you even painted your room in bold colors? If you have, how much time did it take you to want to paint it in a more calm color. Another example – a red couch. You think your home needs one, but three years later you are bored of it.

The best characteristic of neutral colors is that you will never grow weary of them. Neutral colors are classic. If you want to add colors in your space, then simply add a few decorative pillows or buy flowers in many colors. Think about a neutral scheme of colors as an investment, that allow you to avoid regret later and secure an always fresh interior design.

Neutral colors go with any type of lighting

Neutral colors mix greatly with very strong light, and with very soft light, as with everything in between. A good investment would be buying blinds to change the amount of light from time to time. If you are looking for low amounts of light, however, go with thick curtains.

Neutral colors give a lot of possibility

You should always choose a neutral background for your interior. With a neutral background, your personal taste can be accented, which allows you to show all your designs and personal style. There’s a reason why designers often pick neutral wall colors, especially in modern interiors. In that way they allow high quality furniture and architecture to come to expression.

Also, architectural elements come to life thanks to a more peaceful color scheme. Wooden walls and pillars are lost in bolder colored backgrounds.

Neutral colors for any style

We have to agree that neutral colors are the best solution for modern interiors, but neutral colors can also go along with any style. No matter if your style is very modern, traditional, eclectic or rustic a neutral background is ideal for you.

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