Perfect Makeup For Your Wedding Day

We have all dreamed of that one special day where everything should be perfect and magical. We have planned every aspect from the groom, the venue, the dress just up to the sitting arrangements and the overall look. Every girl wishes to be a princess on her wedding day and the makeup you choose plays a huge part in that. So it is very important to know the proper ways to get ready for your bug day. These are some makeup tips that you should keep in mind in order to achieve that princess bride look on your wedding day.

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Makeup Artist Or DIY

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to do the makeup yourself or are you going to hire a professional to do it for you. If you choose to do your own makeup keep in mind to purchase quality products as your makeup should look astonishing the whole day. And if you choose to hire an expert make sure to go for personal recommendations. If you remember someone who looked amazing on their wedding day, perhaps the smartest choice is to ask them for advice and for the makeup artist. Also make sure to have a makeup trial at least a couple of weeks before, just in case.

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The thing to keep in mind even before the wedding day is proper skincare. You need to create a perfect base in order to have the best makeup. You should definitely opt for facials on regular basis. Getting a facial every month should get your skin ready for applying wedding makeup. It is important to have firm and elastic skin because otherwise it may happen that your makeup won’t look as amazing as it is supposed to.

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When it comes to applying foundation the best way to put it is with a brush or sponge. Avoid applying foundation with your hands and fingers as it can leave fingerprints and also your hands are probably filled with bacteria and dirt that you don’t even know about. Foundation is actually the most important part of the whole makeup. If your foundation is not good the rest of the makeup won’t be good also. The most important thing is to try and achieve a natural look and not to overdo it. Wedding photographers Sydney recommend going for a natural look in order to look astonishing in your wedding photos. Also, apply concealer after foundation as its consistency is much thicker and will look much better.

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Eyes And Lips

This actually completely depend on the personal preferences. The thing is to chose whether you wish tov emphasize either your lips or your eyes. If you decide to do both it might look like too much makeup. So if you opt for eyes make sure to choose waterproof mascara and eyeliners. Also there is a variety of fake eyelashes that could just complete the whole look. Using a eye shadow primer will prevent smudging which is very important. When it comes to lips, put lip balm before lipstick so they are not dry and flaky. Keep in mind to combine the color of the lipstick with the color of the blush.

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Following these couple of advice will definitely help you to achieve the look you are striving for. It is very important to decide on your makeup look beforehand. The best way to achieve what you wish is to plan the complete look at least half a year before the actual wedding. That way you will have the time to match the dress and the makeup and also to book an artist if you decide on getting professional makeup. But probably the most important thing is to focus your attention on your friends, family and the man standing beside you and not to worry too much about details.


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