Perfect Spa Day in The Comfort of Your Own Home

How many times have you seen a woman with a towel turban in magazines or on television with cucumber slices on her eyes or smeared mask all over her face? People usually go through these pages nonchalantly, casting a cursory glance and that is it. SPA treatment, and generally any kind of beauty treatment and relaxation, is not only for the selected few who can afford SPA centers or luxurious treatments. It is actually very easily accessible to everyone. Open your refrigerator and kitchen shelves, peek into the garden and the supermarket shelves – it is time to relax and have a great spa treatment within your own four walls!

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Enjoy DIY treatments

Natural treatments are not a cliché and a matter of fashion, they are, especially today, when the sun’s rays do more harm than good, all the more necessary. All nutritive ingredients that you enter into your body through food and that your body uses for energy purposes, you can apply on your skin as well. With a couple of DIY treatments your skin will shine, and you can organize and share a spa day with your friends and have some great fun.

Have a long bath

The best way to start a spa day is by having a relaxing bath. Fill the bathtub, add two tablespoons of olive oil and as much honey, and then dissolve half of the glycerin soap in water, because it is the mildest for the skin. You can sprinkle the bath with rose petals, add some essential oil and light a scented candle. It is known that floral scents have a positive impact on the mood. To relax all the senses, light music in the background cannot hurt.

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Relax your feet

Prepare a bath for the feet separately. For the bath to be warm longer, put the stones that had been previously laid in hot water at the bottom of the pot. Boil mint tea and add a teaspoon of honey. Mint will cool off your feet and give you a feeling of freshness and honey will make them soft and feed the roughened skin. You can also add rosewater for even better care.

Scrub away

Exfoliation is very important for removing dead skin cells and thickening that occur particularly on the feet. Sugar and corn flour are the main ingredients of most exfoliators. Mix the brown sugar, honey and olive oil and apply this sweet scrub on your skin, especially the knees, elbows and heels. Rub in circular motions with bare hands or bathing glove. The same scrub is excellent for the lips, too.

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Skin care

When you finish exfoliating it is time to treat the skin. Take several towels soaked with hot water and wrap them around the joints and the stomach, so that you will achieve the effect of sauna and the body will relax. Keep the towels until they are cold. When you remove them, mix some milk and honey and apply this on the roughest parts of the skin. Rinse the ingredients after about ten minutes. Refresh and relax your eyes with a pouch of green tea previously submerged in warm water or slices of cucumber. The soft skin of the eyelids will be grateful for this simple treatment.

Face masks

For sensitive face skin apply a mask made of green cheese and honey. Mix two tablespoons of the cheese with a spoon of honey, apply on the face and leave for ten minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Instead of cheese you can use yogurt, too. The same mask can be used for dry skin.

Clay mask is perfect for oily skin, but be sure that it is completely natural. Mix two tablespoons of clay with a little olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice, leave it to dry for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse.

If you want to refresh your tired face make the avocado mask. Mash half an avocado, add a bit of lemon juice and one scrambled egg white. Creamy ingredients make the perfect balance and will make your skin look fresh and radiant.

Treat yourself good

It is impossible to give yourself a massage as a professional physiotherapist. However, you can massage your palms by making circular motions with the thumb of the opposite hand, your shoulders and feet. Since most of this spa day will be spent in the bathroom, make sure that everything is clean and functional. Check commercial plumbing, taps and drains beforehand, so that you can relax without worries.

Do whatever feels good, put on silk pajamas or negligee, comfortable slippers, light the candles and incense around the house, etc. After the treatment is complete, switch to the full carefree phase and extend it with a favorite magazine or a book. Enjoy yourself to the fullest, because a good sense of self-satisfaction leads to success in most aspects of life.


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