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Hairstyle is as important as perfect dress in the party. Imperfect hairstyle can diminish your look and will just make people feel having lack of fashion sense as wearing expensive dress does not make any sense unless your make-up, accessories and hairstyle complement the dress.

Here are some simple tips to make your hair party ready at home. However, you should be prepared every time for the party with trimmed and dyed/colored hair especially if you have some grey hair. When you already have these done you can start with –

Shampooing & conditioning

Shampoo and condition your hair perfectly. Rinse your hair well to make sure you do not have shampoo or conditioner left in hair.

shampoo hair


Styling your hair starts with drying them, if you want

  • Curly hair

To make curls dry your hair partially and set rollers for neat curls, braids for beachy waves, and buns for messy curls. Wrap a scarf on hair before blow drying to get the heat evenly distributed. Leave them slightly damp to let them air-dry. Now take out the rollers, briads or buns you used and finger comb them.


  • Straight hair

Either let them air-dry then pass the straighter from root to tip and set the style you want or blow dry the hair while straightening them with the comb partially and let them air-dry. Now, set the style you want.



Also apply hair mousse to make your hair look thick and shiny. Hair mousses are available in market from different brands to add extra volume and shine to hair.



Fixing snags

After making a style you want you should also spray them with hair spray to keep them set as they are throughout the party. It is the best thing to use especially when your hair is frizzy. Use good quality of hair spray otherwise it can harm your hair by making them dry. Good quality of hair spray can also be removed by a regular shampoo.


This way you can easily make your hair party ready and display your fashion sense without being boastful. You can find all these products from renowned brands online also at price lower than MRP using discount offers. You can make the best of online Purplle coupons in India for hair styling products to make your hair picture perfect for every party.

Always use high quality or branded products for your hair as it very difficult to recuperate if once they get damaged. Make sure your hair is special and adds to your beauty so you must be careful when purchasing products online or offline.

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