Popular Superhero Costumes For 2014

Kids want to be like their favorite superheroes in the modern age and they will do anything to dress up like them. How can you make their dreams a reality? It all comes through understanding who their favorite superhero is and what you can do to make this a reality. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular superhero options on the market in 2014 and what Halloween is shaping up to be like in terms of costumes. These superhero costumes are going to be selling like hot cakes because of the demand that is out there for them.


The ‘Man of Steel’ is one of the world’s most popular superheroes and one that has often been a favorite for kids to wear. Who doesn’t like being Clark Kent and showing off those superpowers?

This is what Superman will make a kid feel when they are wearing the costume. With the blue and red sparkling as they walk out for treats, it is going to change their life forever and they are going to understand what it means to be like their favorite superhero.


The Dark Knight is a continuous favorite and has earned rave reviews for the year because of the recent influx in movies. It is most people’s favorite superhero along with numerous kids around the world.

They love the idea of the Dark Knight who is loyal, strong, and downright effective with his abilities to fight super villains. This is all part of the appeal that comes with being Batman.

The aesthetics of the costume and interesting too and are part of the reason kids love wearing this costume over some of the other options that are out there for them to put on.

Iron Man

The most popular superhero costume for 2014 comes in the form of Iron Man. With his robust, concrete like costume with all of its intricacies, this is a true modern day favorite.

It is the armor that is the main source of power for the superhero and that makes it quite appealing for kids. They feel as if they have the power and it truly does stand out in terms of its appearance as well. This makes it a true winner when it comes to popular options that are out there for kids to wear for Halloween.

There are many other popular superhero costumes that are available for kids to wear. These are just some of the more important and ‘popular’ options. Being a superhero is one of the most memorable parts of being a child for many kids. Ensure the right, most authentic options is being purchased to get the aesthetics that you desire. The child should feel as if they are the superhero and that is only possible when you are willing to get the kind of quality that is required. It all begins with attention to detail in terms of how the superhero is depicted and what the costume looks like.

Author : Aria Meyer is a fashion and parenting blogger. She writes for several parenting blogs. She is currently living in West Covina and working closely with Lovethedollmaker to help them grow the fashion and apparel department.


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