Postpartum Care For The New Mother

Most people do not realize what going through a pregnancy puts the body through. It is an intensely emotional experience as well as one with rapid physical changes. Your body goes through a hormonal emotional roller coaster and it is important to make sure that you give your body the correct amount of rest and care it needs after child birth.

Adequate Rest:

  • The six to eight weeks following delivery is called as the postpartum period. This is the time when the mother’s body is returning to its pre-pregnancy phase and so the hormonal changes continue even after delivery. Along with the physical adjustment, there is also the added responsibility of taking care of the baby.
  • Be sure not to stress yourself out about small things and to not place unreal expectations on your head. You may find yourself drained out physically or feeling low quite often. Postpartum depression is much more common than we think, with some experts believing it affects up to 80% of new mothers.
  • A good tip is to rest when your baby is resting. Infants usually have erratic sleep patterns and will require you to get up and feed them at odd hours. Try and rest as soon as the baby has gone to sleep so that you are well rested throughout.

Good Nutrition:

  • A new mother’s body needs good nutritional food to aid in quick recovery. Apart from this, experts recommend that a good healthy diet is essential while breast feeding the baby.
  • The diet should include all the major food groups while avoiding excessively oily or outside food with artificial preservatives. Try and have whole foods organically grown as much as possible.
  • The postpartum period is not the time to stress about the extra weight you have put on. There is an evolutionary advantage gained by women who put on weight during pregnancy as their bodies could provide better nutrition to the baby during pregnancy and after child birth via breastfeeding. Just following a sensible diet will automatically help you to lose the extra weight.

postpartum period mother-and-child


  • Some amount of exercise is recommended by experts after delivery. A small walk outside in the fresh air is enough to help the recovery process.
  • A regular massage will also help you feel better while helping soothe the tired muscles of the body.
  • It is important to remember no to push yourself too much during this period. This small bits of exercise help boost your immunity and as well as alleviate mood depression that a lot of people face.


Some other issues will crop up during this period that will require special attention as well. Some women get severe pain in their breasts when their body produces milk and they are not feeding the baby. This can be managed with an ice pack or a warm towel over the breasts.

Some women also have pain due to a tear that they may have got during the child birth process. This may require medication and care as directed by your doctor.

Advice from a nutritionist on the best diet after delivery is also a good way to make sure you are giving your body everything it needs to recover quickly.

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