Pregnancy Superfood

Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is one of the most important things for a woman. It’s of great significance to eat smart and to have balanced, nutritive meals. Don’t fall for that trap that you are required to ‘eat for two’. No, the best thing for women during pregnancy is to have normal, healthy and balanced meals every day. Also, although your appetite is much stronger, be sure not to gorge yourself with junk food, there are much healthier options. Take a look at this list of food that is particularly beneficial for maintaining a healthy and balanced pregnancy.

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Fruit is one of the things that should be essential in your diet during this period of time. It is rich in vitamins and fiber and generally a good substitute for junk food. So here is a chance to happily tuck into those hampers of Sydney fruit everybody started sending once word of your pregnancy got around. Different kinds of berries are a great option because they are packed with potassium, vitamin C, fibers and folate. And try to mix it up a bit, have a colorful platter each day.



Make sure to incorporate whole grains into your diet. They have more fiber than rice or white bread. So if you are eating bread, substitute it for whole grain bread rather than white bread.  Also, be sure to eat more oatmeal, preferably with flax seed. Flax is loaded with 3 essential fatty acids, a type called DHA. But keep in mind not to overdo grains, they are fats waiting to happen after all.

Beans and Lentils

These are one of the greatest nutrients. Lentils are filled with a B vitamin folic acid. You can also find folic acid in great northern beans. The thing with beans is that they are actually full of proteins and fibers and nutrients such as calcium, iron, folate and zinc. Lucky for you there are all different kinds of beans so you can choose what you prefer. You could have red and white, pinto or garbanzochoose whichever you like or just mix them all up!

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Eggs are a great source of protein and provide you and your baby with enough amino acids that you both need. Also, they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. High protein foods are also good for your blood sugar and to banish those craving for a while. But it’s important not to eat undercooked or raw eggs, because there is always a possibility of them being tainted with salmonella. So avoid getting eggs in restaurants or other places you aren’t sure of.

So a good balanced meal is all you need. Eat smart and eat healthy. There are tons of great foods you can eat during pregnancy, all the while staying healthy and full. Don’t think because you have to give up a couple of things, that you’ll starve, this can actually be a great way to balance your diet for yourself and your baby.


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