Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Home Maid Cleaning Service

We all want a housekeeper – being able to come home from work to a clean, fresh smelling house is a dream of many. But it can be intimidating to invite strangers into the personal parts of your space to clean up after you. We’ve all heard of the wonderful maids who know your home inside and out, and become a good family friend. We’ve also heard the horror stories about furniture being damaged and family heirlooms going missing. Any time you hire someone, you’re taking a risk, but there are some questions that you can ask up front, especially if you’re working with a professional cleaning company, that may put your mind at ease.

home maid cleaning

  1. Do you guarantee your work? Reputable cleaning services will often offer a 24 hour guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, they’ll come back and clean the area in question again. This is a good policy.

  1. Do you charge by the project or the hour? Most home maid cleaning services will meet you in the middle on this one and provide you an estimate, based on your home’s size and the frequency of cleaning. Ensure that your service provider is willing to stick closely to the estimated price and won’t tack on an extra fee for “extra” time.

  1. Do you have references? A reputable home maid cleaning service will offer a list of references. Call them – it’s a good idea to get customer’s opinions. They may tell you to request a particular employee or ask that they use a specific product. It’s always a good idea to do your research. (Hint: Check out online reviews as well.)

  1. What products do you use? This is more important to some folks than others. For those that have fine furniture, or a family member that struggles with extreme allergies, this can make or break your decision. Find out what products they use, let them know if you need any special accommodations and ask them to include that in their estimate.

  1. Do I need to provide you with tools and cleaning products? Professional cleaning services will almost always provide their own tools and products, but just to be on the safe side, check with them. If you would prefer to use your own vacuum or tools, ask if they would be willing to do that.

  1. Do you screen your employees before hire? This is an important one. You want to use a company that screens employees. You are letting people into your home. For you to feel safe, you need to be sure that your housekeeper has a clean record.

  1. Do you require a monthly contract or can I request services as needed? Sometimes the cost of service is reduced based on your subscription. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and so on. Look at all your options and be honest with yourself about what you need. Two weeks comes and goes very fast.

  1. Will the same people be cleaning my home each time or will it be different people? There’s nothing wrong with having different maids clean, but each house has different characteristics. Different nooks and crannies that need to be uncovered. If you have the same home maid cleaning for you on a regular basis, they will get to know your home and your specific needs.

Your home maid cleaning service is something you should relish and enjoy. Choosing the right service or company is the first step.


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