Safe Exercising After Plastic Surgery

Getting yourself to exercise is definitely one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are a lazy as* like myself. But once you start, I guarantee it’s the best thing in the world. Exercising not only helps your body look amazing but it also serves as a great stress-reliever and it does wonders for your health and skin. Plus, with making regular exercising a part of your weekly routine, you’ll feel better, healthier and that terrible feeling of constant fatigue will wear off before you know it!

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You are going to get hooked to working out before you know it – that feeling of keeping things under control, of being the one who is in charge of making your body the way you’ve always wanted it and the realization you actually CAN do it – is beyond words!

If you have recently had a plastic surgery, it’s only understandable that you’ll have to slow down with working out for a while or work out in moderation. This naturally depends on the type of surgery you’ve had and on the advice of your doctor.

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Tummy tuck


Each individual is different, and we all respond differently to pain and different procedures. This is why it’s always best to follow their doctors’ recommendations.

Surprisingly so, to promote circulation, most patients are instructed by their doctors to get up and start walking around their homes the day after surgery. Further, doctors will allow their patients to begin working out or resume an exercise regime six weeks after the surgery. They advise on speed walking, elliptical trainer, running and treadmill as best forms of aerobic exercise for a tummy tuck patient. As for weight lifting, it is not favored by the doctors as it can put a significant strain on the incisions and the sutures. If you want to start weight lifting, start slowly. Do less weight than you were used to doing and start with less repetitions. Let your body be your guide as it will be the best indicator of what feels good for your body.


A doctor-recommended tip is exercising prior to surgery so that you are quicker to get back in shape after the surgery. Walks or light jogs daily can help you stay fit and stress-free. Still, if for some reason you weren’t able to commit to regular working out prior to surgery, in terms of working out – this is what to do after the procedure is done.

Patients are usually encouraged to slowly return to their exercise routines after about two weeks, yet you’ll probably always have your doctor give you clear instructions as recovery is individual for each patient.

After you’ve had about two days of bed rest, get up and begin walking around. For the first two days it’s advised you remain lying down with your head elevated on a couple of pillows as you will feel pain and discomfort following the surgery. Light walking around your home will also be a great exercise. Whenever you feel fatigued, stop to rest. In time, get some mild exercise like cooking, dusting, doing dishes and similar. Try not to do any heavy lifting for the first week. It’s extremely important not to include any excessive working out while you still have stitches on. For three to six weeks, avoid aerobic exercise to prevent bleeding and swelling. Depending on your rate of healing, your doctor will give you advice.

Breast Augmentation

When it comes to working out after breast augmentation, the problem is overusing the pectoral muscles breast implants are placed underneath. Before it is stressed with resistance training, the muscle has to heal from surgery. To avoid complications, patients who had breast augmentation procedure done are advised to avoid overuse of their pectoral muscles during the initial four weeks after surgery.

Basically, this means no heavy pulling or pushing of objects such as heavy purses or car doors and lifting nothing heavier than 10 pounds.  There should be no weight lifting exercises that involve the chest and back (and to some degree the arms) lifting. Also, no dips, push-ups, certain yoga poses, pull-ups and Pilates moves that rely on balancing your body weight with the arms. Certain exercise equipment such as an elliptical trainer is out of question.

It’s more than obvious that you care deeply about your body. A combination of healthy diet, exercising and plastic surgery will do wonders and make you as gorgeous as you want to be. Just make sure you do everything in moderation and follow instructions you were given.


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